Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a term that has been applied to biological fluids that come from the vagina. Although most types of vaginal discharge is completely normal and just reflects the stage of every woman’s cycle, sometimes it can indicate if there is a health problem. There is some vaginal discharge that can be the result of infections, such as UTIs or sexually transmitted diseases. If the vaginal discharge has a foul odor or it has taken on a color, it may indicate that something more serious is occurring within the woman’s body and that the woman should consider contacting her doctor for an examination. Depending on the vaginal discharge that is occurring, there can be different meanings to the changes that are happening in the discharge and the woman’s body. If the vaginal discharge is thin, green, grey, or has a fishy odor, it may be the result of bacteria vaginosis. When the vaginal discharge is purulent or has a strange scent, it may also suggest that chlamydia may be a concern. Those who are dealing with white or yellow discharge but find that it is odorless may want to consider whether or not gonorrhea may be a possibility. One of the most common types of vaginal discharge can be found in the white, thick, clumpy type of discharge which is common with a yeast infection. There are other times when vaginal discharge is not a casus for any type of concern. In example, if a woman is experience vaginal discharge that is just clear and seems to be stretchy during touch, it could just be the result of her ovulation. Those who are dealing with a clear discharge with a vaginal pH over 4.5 may be experiencing pregnancy, as these types of discharge are generally associated with amniotic fluid. A woman who is just dealing with her general cycle may experience thick and white vaginal discharge, but no odor. Doctors always focus on the importance of a woman becoming familiar with her cycle, her body, and her vaginal discharge because it can reveal a lot about what is going on with her health. In situations where some conditions do not have any specific symptoms at all, changes in vaginal discharge can be one way that a woman can detect if something is wrong. If a woman suspects that there may be something occurring within her body that is abnormal and her vaginal discharge seems to reflect that possibility, it’s important for her to contact her doctor and schedule an examination for further diagnosis.

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