An ultrasound is defined as being a sound pressure wave which has a frequency greater than the limit of the human hearing range. It is not separated from normal sound because of the differences of physical properties, but because of the fact that humans are not able to hit it. This limit is varied by every person, but is estimated to be around 20 kilohertz in most young adults. Ultrasound devices are able to work with frequencies from 20 kilohertz and beyond. The use of the device is found in many different fields. The devices are used to detect some objects and measure distances. It is also used in human and veterinary medicine. Doctors use it because it is not invasive and is known to be a good way to provide tests without any possible destruction in the meantime. The application of the use of ultrasounds is known as ultrasonics. Ultrasound is used for imaging, measurement, detection, and cleaning. Sometimes it is also used to change the chemical properties of various substances. Most people are familiar with the use of ultrasound as it exists in the medical industry, being used for pregnancy and detecting various flaws within the human body. The use of medical sonography is an ultrasound based diagnostic technique that is used so doctors can observe organs, muscles, tendons, and many of the other elements of the internal body. It has been used for imaging the body for the past 50 years at least and is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools. It is becoming more popular for being used in first aid and trauma situations because it allows for medical professionals to check for any possible injuries or flaws that may not be distinguishable from general diagnosis based on visual circumstances. Ultrasound is used to visualize fetuses during prenatal care. When an ultrasound is used during these time periods, it is generally referred to as the obstetric sonography. Currently, it is believed that there are no posed risks to the patient by using ultrasound during this time period. Sonography is not known to use any type of ionizing radiation and the power levels used during this procedure are not high enough to cause heating or pressure issues within the tissues of the body. It is not known what the long term effects of ultrasound on a diagnostic level may be if it is encountered on a regular basis. However, doctors believe that if there are any risks, the amount of benefits that it provides to patients is more important.

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