Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders include hundreds of types. There are an increasing number of thyroid disorders being diagnosed daily. However, the most common types of thyroid disorders are those that are curable types of thyroid disorders. These types of disorders can be cured with different medical treatments and medications. Graves' disease, postpartum thyroid disorder, chronic limb back disorder, iodine induced disorders and medication induced disorders are the most common thyroid disorders. In order to understand these disorders an individual must first understand what a thyroid disorder is and what the symptoms of a vibrant disorder are. A thyroid disorder is an issue with the thyroid gland. These are common in diseases and conditions such as Graves' disease, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and birth defects. These common thyroid disorders lead to an overstimulated thyroid gland and increase production of the thyroid hormone. Increased production of this hormone can increase or quicken the metabolism and symptoms such as anxiety and hypertension. This ultimately results in a slowing down of the body's processes, increased weight gain, fatigue and depression. Depression, fatigue and weight gain are often overlooked initially as a thyroid disorder. In fact, many doctors and natural care physicians will first consider an eating disorder, lack of activity or depression as the cause of the symptoms. Thyroid testing has become increasingly popular in the last few years due to the onset of thyroid disorders in an increasing amount of people. It is also become increasingly popular due to the misdiagnosis of weight gains, fatigue and depression. Treatment options for thyroid disorders vary. It should first be noted that there is no way to prevent a thyroid disorder. If the thyroid disorder has been recognized by a physician a thyroid hormone can be given to regulate the thyroid gland back to normal levels. This treatment varies depending on the age of the person, medical history the person, individual factors and other issues the person may be facing. It should also be noted that sometimes there is a misdiagnosis of thyroid disorders. This is usually due to other symptoms such as irritability, weight gain, muscle aches, weakness and nervousness or anxiety. It may take several years to finally diagnose a thyroid disorder due to the other disorders that are diagnosed in its place.

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