Thrombocytopenia is a reduction of platelets in the blood. Individuals who do not have this particular illness will have a normal platelet count between 150,000 and 450,000 per unit of blood. If an individual develops the Thrombocytopenia they may see a reduction in their platelet count to below 50,000 per unit of blood. There are several causes, symptoms and treatment options available for this particular illness. The following are the most common causes, treatment options and symptoms related to Thrombocytopenia.

Causes of Thrombocytopenia

There are several causes of Thrombocytopenia. The most common cause is a deficiency in folic acid or vitamin B12. This is a simple solution treatment. In general, patients will receive a recommended increase dosage of vitamin B12 and folic acid to combat the illness. Other causes of this particular illness are related to leukemia and related syndromes. Liver failure may also be a cause as well asepsis, great platelet syndrome, and bone marrow illnesses.

Symptoms of Thrombocytopenia

Symptoms of this illness include the obvious rapid decrease of platelets per blood unit. Bleeding in the gums and severe nose bleeding as well as bruising that does not heal over a normal span of time are also signs and symptoms of this illness. Individuals who have this illness or developing this illness may have complaints of fatigue, weakness and blood loss. A patient's medical history may include blood loss issues or severe bleeding issues. Adult experiencing this illness may have large blood-filled areas in their mouth and a platelet count between 30,000 and 50,000. Bruising due to minor trauma is also a symptom as well as spontaneous bruising in the arms, legs and feet.

Treatment Options for Thrombocytopenia

There are four main treatment options available for this illness. One of the treatment options is to remove antibodies from the area that may be causing the reduction in platelets. A second option of treatment is an intravenous immune treatment that will replace the blood with the new blood and possibly remove the illness from the body. Another treatment which was approved by the FDA is to place the patient on blood centers and platelet transfusions. The final form of treatment is a straight lately transfusion which has seen the most affected in many patients.

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