Temper Tantrum Prevention

Temper Tantrum Prevention

Parents around the world deal with temper tantrums all the time. A temper tantrum from a toddler or child can cause an emotional and stressful meltdown unlike any other. For some parents, the thought of ending a temper tantrum before it starts is difficult. Ending a temper tantrum after it has gone into full action is another set of stress all together and sometimes impossible to stop. For parents who are at their wits end with temper tantrums, here are some temper tantrum prevention methods that may come in handy.

Giving In

That giving in may not seem to be a viable temper tantrum prevention message, many parents do resort to this when they are in public and may have no other method to turn to. Though giving in is not to be done each time the child throws a temper tantrum it can result in the effective results depending on what the parent gives in on. For example, if a child begins to scream because they want a specific toy the parent may not want to give in however if they are in public and the child's tantrum becomes worse it may be a good option for that parent until they learn a new temper tantrum prevention method.

Avoid Certain Situations

Some parents have found that their particular situations in which their child tends to throw the worst temper tantrums. They may have tried everything to stop the child from having temper tantrums or to prevent the temper tantrum from happening in the future to no avail. In these situations parents may find that it is easier to avoid that certain situation with the child. For example, many parents find that children may have an adverse reaction to going to church or other similar event. They may find that the child is perfectly fine when they are in a daycare environment or schoolhouse type environment. In these cases the parent will avoid taking the child with them to church and instead take them to a daycare or a nursery daycare provided by the church.


Distracting a child during a temper tantrum or the very beginning of the temper tantrum is a prevention method that many parents have the gun using. Distraction methods can be anything from pointing out something the child can focus on for the next few minutes and allowed to forget about their original focal point or it can be distracting them with something that will happen later in the day. For example, if you are at the store and your child begins have a temper tantrum you can distract them with an item a few aisles away or you can distract them by letting them know that you will watch a movie with them or do something that they enjoy when you get home as long as they are good. In many cases, this seems to work to prevent temper tantrums or to stop to temper tantrums while they are happening.

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