Sunburn is a common issue that occurs when a person does not apply the right amount of sunscreen and has exposure to extreme sun or tanning bed conditions. There are several ways to avoid sunburn regardless of the situation. The following are a few of the ways that people can avoid sunburn on themselves, loved ones and their children.

Avoiding Tanning Bed Sunburn

Tanning bed sunburn is the easiest sunburn to be exposed to. The reason for this is the high intensity bulbs used within the tanning bed. The first thing to remember if you want to avoid tanning bed sunburn incidents the best step to take is to use the proper tanning bed lotion. Tanning bed lotion is much different than standard suntan or sun screen lotion. The tanning bed lotion is designed specifically for tanning beds and will prevent sunburn. The second step to take in avoiding tanning bed sunburn is to keep the time you are in the tanning bed to a minimum. If you are new to tanning beds, then remember to keep your first time to less than 7 minutes. Increase your time slowly. Remember that most tanning beds have a 20 minute maximum timer. It is rare for people to make it to the maximum. Most tanning bed enthusiasts use the tanning bed for 12 to 15 minutes.

Avoiding Sunburn while Driving

Sunburn while driving is a common issue for people who have long trips. During the holidays many people may find it shocking to learn that you can get a sunburn while driving even in cold weather. Sun through the windshield can actually cause burns for drivers who stay in the driver's seat for more than a few hours. If you are taking a long trip of more than three hours be sure to apply sunscreen to your face, any exposed neck and chest area and your arms. This will prevent sunburn while driving.

Avoid Sunburns While Camping

Camping is a common outdoor activity that happens throughout the year. There are people that believe that sunburn can only happen during the spring and summer months. This is not true. Anytime there is sun exposure there is a chance for sunburn. In order to avoid sunburns while camping you should use sunscreen on any exposed area of the body. This will prevent a sunburn as long as the manufacturer’s directions are followed and the sunscreen is applied as needed.

Treatments for Sunburn

There are various treatments for sunburn if you should burn by accident. The most common treatment is aloe vera gel or an over the counter moisturizing lotion. If pain is resulting from the sunburn, then a mild pain killer can also be taken.

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