Summer Skin Hazards

Summer Skin Hazards

There are several summer skin hazards that people should be aware of. These hazards pertain to not only the adults of the household or community, but also to the children and infants. Summer skin hazards can be minor, however, they can also lead to extreme health conditions including skin cancer. Here are the most common summer skin hazards to be aware of.

Sunburn Skin Hazards

Sunburn skin hazards are the leading skin hazards among people who spend large amounts of time outdoors. This hazard and the fear of sunburns can be seen in any health care isle or beauty isle. High SPF counts are seen on facial creams, body lotions and sunscreen throughout the isles. The reason for this is to keep the chance of sunburn and skin cancers to a minimum.

Heat Rashes on Thighs

A heat rash on thighs and other body parts can be difficult to deal with. They can be painful, itchy and can cause blotches as well as open wounds on the inner thighs and affected areas. There are several ways to avoid heat rashes on the thighs and other parts of the body. The first way is to make sure to keep the area, that may normally be infected, dry and free of any irritating fabric. Allow your skin to breathe and make sure you are using creams that are specifically for heat rash if one should occur.

Dry Skin Due to Heat

Some people may be surprised to find that a person can develop dry skin due to heat exposure. Dry skin can occur in high heat climates with dry winds such as Arizona. This dry skin can lead to burn like patches and blistering. In order to protect the skin from a dry skin breakout, you should use special lotions for dry skin and extreme dry skin or cracking. Staying hydrated is also important. Remember, if you are thirsty then you are probably already dehydrated.

Plant Induced Rashes

Plant induced rashes can be a summer skin hazard due to the number of hours outdoors. This is especially true for children and teens who may spend time in outdoor summer camps where exposure to poison ivy and other skin irritating plants is increased. Remember to wear protective clothing to cover your legs and arms and prevent against contact with rash causing plants. If you do come in contact with a rash causing plant be sure to use the proper skin lotion or ointment to combat the rash.

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