Subdural Hematoma

Subdural Hematoma

A subdural hematoma occurs between the layers of brain tissue. Blood gets trapped in these layers of tissue and begins to create a blood deposit. The bleeding and blood deposits are not in the brain. They are located outside the brain, but can cause serious issues. The following is a list of causes and treatments for a subdural hematoma.


The most common cause of subdural hematoma is a head injury. Car accidents, blunt force trauma and falls that result in head injuries can all be leading causes in a subdural hematoma. Head trauma is not the only cause, however. Patients who have issues with thin blood or blood related issues may also develop subdural hematomas. There are cases of chronic subdural heamtomas. These are generally related to vein issues within the head and brain area. The symptoms of subdural hematomas can take several days to manifest and become noticeable.

Treatment Options

There are three main treatment options for subdural hematomas. The first treatment option is called the Burr Hole treatment. This treatment required that a hole be medically drilled into the skull in the affected area of the hematoma. This allows the blood to be drained out of the affected area and the pressure around the brain to be released. The second treatment option is called a Craniotomy. This procedure does far more than medically drilling a hole into the affected area. The procedure requires a medium to large sector of the skull to be removed. This allows doctor’s an access point to the source of the subdural hematoma. This reduces pressure while removing the collected blood. The third treatment option for subdural hematoma is a procedure called Craniectomy. This procedure is similar to the Craniotomy with one difference. In the Craniotomy the sector of the skull over the infected area is only removed for a short time to remove the pressure and the blood collection. The Craniectomy procedure removes the skull sector for an extended period of time. This is used in extreme or chornic cases of subdural hematomas.


Medications can be used to help with subdural hematomas, although the previously mentioned treatments are the most common.

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