A stye, also known as a sty or chalazia, is a very minor issue with the eye. This issue causes a small red bump or lump like substance on a patient's lower eyelid. A stye may also show up on the outside rim of the eyelid. Though treatment options are available for a stye, they are not necessary since the stye will move on without any treatment options.

What Causes a Stye?

A minor bacterial infection is the leading cause of styes. The infection itself is minor, but the irritation and discomfort caused by the infection is not. Most people who suffer from a stye complain of swollen eyelids, tenderness in the affected area and draining from the eye.

Treatment Options

The most common treatment option for a stye is to use warm wet compresses directly to the infected area. These compresses should be used and swapped out every five to ten minutes. These should be done between four and six times each day. Another treatment option for a stye is an over the counter treatment. Some of the over the counter treatments available are special ointments, medicated pads and eye scrubs. These should be used according to the manufacturer's directions.

Special Notes about Styes

There is little information regarding styes that should be kept in mind by the patients. Styes will work through themselves and out of the body within a week. Most styes will open and drain causing some irritation for about 24 hours. As previously mentioned, ointments and creams can be used on the stye. Make sure that if you choose to use a cream, ointment or scrub that you follow all directions and avoid any regular soap that may irritate the eye further. If the stye does not heal within a week or if further issues occur, see a doctor.

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