Snoring is a common respiratory issue that affects millions of people worldwide. There is no initial need for concern of snoring as there are many causes for snoring. Including causes there are several treatment options available for snoring. Since snoring is a very common issue the initial treatment options can be purchased over-the-counter and may include sinus medication and breathing strips. If the snoring continues it may be linked to a more massive issue, however this only happens in rare cases and snoring as a whole is a common daily occurrence.


There are several causes for snoring. Some of these causes include throat issues or weakness that occurs during sleeping or while lying in a prone position. A misplacement of the jaw or tension in the muscles is also a cause of snoring. The fat gathering in or around the throat, obstruction of the nasal passageway, sleep apnea, airway tissues touching, alcohol or drugs relaxing the throat, and sleeping on your back may all be causes for snoring. The only cause for snoring that may lead to other issues and more severe issues is that of sleep apnea.


There are several treatments for snoring depending on the level and intensity of the snoring issue. If the snoring is minor and is not related to sleep apnea or a sinus infection, then over-the-counter breathing strips can be purchased. These breathing strips are attached to the nasal passages on the outside of the nose and allow the nose to lift up while the individual is sleeping. This means that the nasal passages are open and will allow more air through which will reduce the snoring. If the individual has sinus problems, then a regimen of sinus medication and sinus clearing medication may be used. This sinus medication, such as Benadryl, can be purchased over-the-counter at most help stores. If the snoring is related to drinking or medication use then it is up to the individual to reduce the amount of medication they are taking, seek a professional opinion on alternatives for the medication they are taking or to reduce the amount of drinking. Reducing the amount of alcohol, the amount of medication or switching to an alternative medication may help curb the snoring and act as a treatment. In some cases the snoring may be related to sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a serious condition and should be discussed with a physician. There are several tests for sleep apnea that require the individual to be monitored during their sleep times. If sleep apnea is found to be one of the causes of snoring, then a doctor will prescribe a series of sleep apnea treatment including a breathing machine to be worn at night during sleeping hours.

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