Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is a beneficial program for individuals who are smoking and want to quit smoking to avoid lung cancer and other health consultations. Smoking cessation has been added to many mainstream medical insurance policies as a preventative measure and covered preventative treatment. Smoking cessation is for individuals who smoke tobacco and inhale the cigarette smoke. The smoking cessation is available for individuals who choose to quit tobacco and other forms of smoking products, it is primarily for individuals who choose to smoke cigarettes.

Health Benefits of Smoking Cessation

There are several health benefits of smoking cessation. One of the main benefits is the increased lung capacity and the chance to avoid possible lung cancer and other throat cancer related issues. The reduced rate of blood pressure and heart attacks is also a benefit of smoking cessation. Carbon monoxide levels in the bloodstream are lowered, circulation lung function improves and breathing complications are decreased. Another added benefit for many individuals who are seeking a smoking cessation program is the benefit of the cost effectiveness of the program.

Cessation Options

There are several smoking cessation options available to those individuals who want to quit smoking. The first and most common attempt at smoking cessation is the cold turkey plan. This means that the smoker would try to help themselves to quit smoking by stopping the process completely. This has a very small success rate and individuals who are serious about discontinuing their smoking habits may turn to other smoking cessation options. Community programs are another method of smoking cessation. These community programs offer support groups and smoking cessation concepts which include setting alarms and extending the alarms while only having a cigarette when the alarm goes off. The use cigarette alternatives such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum are also part of community efforts for smoking cessation programs. There are also psychological approaches aware an individual can seek counseling and hypnosis or hypnotic therapy to help them stop smoking. A popular method of smoking cessation is to use a substitute for the cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are one of the most popular forms of smoking alternatives available on the market. The smoking alternative of an electronic cigarettes has been said to decrease the chance of lung cancer while allowing the individual to still receive the nicotine. There is no tobacco smoke because this is a vapor option. There have been no legitimate studies of the health benefits or disadvantages of electronic cigarettes though they are used in nicotine replacement therapies. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnosis and herbal medicines such as St. John's wart are also used as alternative approaches and in several smoking cessation programs.

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