Psoriasis Laser Treatment

Psoriasis Laser Treatment

For people with psoriasis, traditional treatments like prescription ointments and creams don’t always work. Severe psoriasis may have a higher chance of success when they utilize laser treatment. The lasers used for psoriasis are in a treatment method called targeted phototherapy. This will take light from the laser to target areas of psoriasis so that it does not touch any of the surrounding, non-psoriasis infected skin. For this reason, a very strong dose of light is able to be used since it will only be used on the patches of psoriasis. This penetrates deeply into the psoriasis for a more effective treatment.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

A common question about psoriasis laser treatment is how many treatments you will essentially need. This depends on the individual, but for laser treatments using the targeted psoriasis approach, it usually takes between 4 and 10 sessions using the laser treatment. The type and severity of your psoriasis is what determines how many sessions it takes.

How Long Does it Last?

Another question you might be asking yourself is how long the laser treatment will last. As it is a newer form of treatment for psoriasis, the exact length of time it should last is still unknown. However several studies have shown the laser treatment to last up to 11 months, while the average is about 3-4 months. This means to keep the psoriasis gone, you may have to go back more than once to keep the psoriasis away. Many patients were still psoriasis free even past the year mark.

Side Effects

As with most treatments, you will experience some side effects though with psoriasis laser treatment, they are minor. Common side effects include bruising from the pulsating laser on your skin, as well as swelling, redness, or burning sensations after the treatment; all of which are temporary. There is a small risk of darkening, blisters, burning, or scarring in the skin.

Seeking Psoriasis Laser Treatment

If you want to learn more about psoriasis laser treatment, you will need to find out if it is available in your states. Some locations in the US do not allow laser or light source procedures which will include laser treatment for psoriasis. Ask your dermatologist or general physician if they have references, and they should be able to inform you of the regulations in your state. You should also be sure the doctor and clinic to perform the procedure is licensed by the American Academy of Dermatologists.

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