Pregnancy and Family

Pregnancy and Family

Pregnancy is commonly defined as the fertilization and development of an embryo into a fetus and a fetus into a baby. Women are able to carry multiple gestations during the pregnancy period, resulting in twins, triplets, or more. The childbirth period occurs after 38 weeks have passed from conception. Sometimes it is able to able to occur early or may occur later depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy and how the woman’s pregnancy is fairing. Embryos are considered to be the offspring of the woman, which are developing during the initial eight weeks following the period of conception. Afterward, the term of fetus is used until the time of birth. It is estimated that around 40% of pregnancies within the United States are unplanned and around a quarter and a half of those pregnancies are considered to be unwanted. Family planning is a very important aspect for any woman who has discovered that she is pregnant. Although there is a large amount of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies that occur every year, this does not necessarily mean that these pregnancies do not gain any family planning. Doctors will generally provide women with some information about the next steps to take in terms of prenatal care for their child. This is one of the initial steps that is involved with planning for the life of the future offspring of the pregnant woman. Family members may seek to become involved in situations where the fetus is an unplanned for or unwanted pregnancy and may assist the mother with making plans for ways to ensure that the new life will be welcomed into the world more easily. Ideally, women would have the opportunity to plan for their pregnancies so that unwanted pregnancies would not occur. However, this is often times not possible just due to simple flaws with birth control methods. Many of the unwanted or unplanned pregnancies that occur are actually present in women who have used some form of birth control throughout the month, only to discover that they were pregnant when their menstrual cycle didn’t appear as expected. In women who are using some type of birth control that changes the overall menstruation cycle, the lack of a period during this time period is often not enough of an indication that pregnancy may be possible. Although it can be stressful to try to plan for a family unexpectedly during these circumstances, there are many government programs and other related groups which can provide pregnant women with more insight into ways to prepare.

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