Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

A placebo is a medically ineffectual or simulated treatment for a condition that is intended to mislead or deceive the individual using it. When individuals are given a placebo treatment and are believe or actually having an improvement to their health, it is considered to be a phenomenon known as the placebo effect. In terms of medical research, the placebos are given to individuals to help control the treatments and will rely on the use of deceiving the patients in order to gain more insight into whether or not a medication works. Some of the common placebos that are used involve sham surgery, false procedures based on false information, and tablets or pills that do not have anything actually medicinal within them. Yet, there is always a few patients which are going to experience a positive effect while using a placebo. The use of the placebo effect shows the true importance of how mental health affects physical health over a period of time. The use of placebos as treatment within the field of clinical medicate is considered to be ethically wrong because it shows that there is dishonesty within the doctor-patient relationship. However, there are many studies which make use of this option because it allows them to create a variable for their studies while noting whether or not the real medication or procedure had any positive effect. There are many conditions which have placebo pills given to individuals who are suffering from those conditions. However it is more prominent in conditions which showcase anxiety or other circumstances where mental awareness is important. Although the active treatments can work properly when used during the studies, it is always possible to receive a placebo effect as well. However, there are many doctors and scientists which dislike the general existence of the placebo effect. They note that it can make it more difficult to be able to evaluate treatments and procedures because there is no way of knowing whether or not the individual would have had the same results if they were experiencing the placebo effect. It is believed that the placebo effect is weak when used in a clinical trial than when in normal therapy due to the fact that the individuals involved never know whether they are going to be receiving a placebo pill or an actual active treatment. Generally speaking, informed consent is usually necessary, with a disclosure stating that placebo treatments may be possible, but the individual has no way of knowing what they will receive.

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