Piercing is considered to be a form of body modification and is the activity of puncturing an area of the human body to create an opening where jewelry can be worn and displayed. The term of piercing can be used to refer to the general act of piercing anywhere on the body. It is believed that it has been used since ancient times on both genders and has had significance in many different ways as time has progressed. Unfortunately, much of the history that is associated with piercing has also been corrupted by misinformation and not enough reliable sources that would allow the practice to be referred to within more scholarly and academic manners. It can be said that the act of nose piercing and ear piercing have become the most popular throughout the world and have been proven to be well represented throughout the records of history. It is common to find old ear piercings and nose piercings when examining the graves of ancient civilizations of the past. There are various reasons why piercings may occur. One study has found that around 62% of people who have been pierced have done it in order to showcase their individuality from the rest of people in society. There are also people who get piercings to help commemorate certain milestones and important moments within their life. Some people choose to get piercings simply for the fact that they find them to be aesthetically pleasing. Those who have dealt with sexual abuse use piercings as a way to reclaim certain areas of their body after having experiencing abuse for an extended period of time. In ancient times, many people had piercings because it was considered to increase their spiritual value and assist them in engaging in various types of rituals and ceremonies. Some individuals who were wishing to have visions or receive guidance from their spiritual deities would get pierced in order to continue with the progression of the ceremony. In our current era, people who are considered to be modern primitives now use piercing and various forms of body modification in order to help them focus on connecting via rituals. These people also get piercings because it helps them to connect more to the society that they are a part of, such as if it were a ritual or rite of passage to bind them to their society more culturally. Alternatively, in Western cultures, piercings are often viewed as a form of rebellion and resisting against the typical norms associated with our society.

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