What is Morgellons Disease?

Morgellons disease is a name for a skin disorder which has yet to be fully explained. It is defined as being characterized by disfiguring sores and sensations on the skin that something may be crawling or tingling upon or underneath. Fibers and various types of solid materials may begin to come out of the sores as the disease continues to progress. Those who work at the CDC believe that some aspects of Morgellons disease may be connected to mental illness because there is a common belief that it is caused by parasites infesting the body, causing the materials to appear within the wounds, though there are no actual parasites involved at all. This is known as delusional parasitosis.

What are Symptoms of Morgellons Disease?

Those who have Morgellons commonly have skin rashes or sores that will cause them extreme itching. They may experience weird sensations on their skin, such as crawling or tingling, though they may also describe it as the feeling that insects are biting or stinging them. There will be fibers in the wounds or upon the skin. Some people also experience memory loss, fatigue, and have a hard time focusing on what they are doing. Depending how serious these symptoms are, it can be very difficult to live a normal life.

Can Morgellons Disease Be Cured?

The largest issue with Morgellons disease is that because there is so little known about it, doctors are unsure of how to cure it. Most of the wounds and rashes that are associated with the disease resemble something similar to insect bites that have been worsened due to excessive scratching. As a result, it’s difficult to determine what is causing the wounds since there are no actual parasites involved. It is generally believed that the threads or matter that is found within the wounds comes from clothing or some type of fabric source that the body has come into contact with during the given period of time. Doctors are unsure of whether individuals who have Morgellons disease are dealing with delusional parasitosis, mental illness, or some type of undiscovered skin disorder.

Can Morgellons Disease Be Treated?

Because there is no clear diagnosis regarding this disease, it can be difficult to treat. Doctors who believe that the individual is dealing with delusional parasitosis may seek to treat it with a variety of medications. However, those who are believing that it is a skin disorder may opt to try using biopsies to find a suitable treatment.

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