Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung Cancer is a cancer which is known to stem from the lungs. Over 220, 000 Americans are diagnosed with having lung cancer each year. The cancer causes over 157 deaths on a yearly basis and it is the main cause of cancer related deaths in men and women. Individuals who are most at risk to develop this disease are around the age of 50 and have had previous experience with smoking. Those who have never smoked can also develop cancer from infections, genetics, and various environmental factors. There are two types of lung cancer. The treatment that is given to the person with the cancer depends mainly on the type of cancer that they have and the severity.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Symptoms are not apparent at the beginning stages of lung cancer but will eventually become prominent as the cancer progresses. These symptoms can include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, hoarseness, chronic fatigue, fever, swelling, loss of appetite, headache, chest pain, lung infections, and weight loss. Although these are symptoms related to lung cancer, their presence does not always mean that the individual may have cancer at all. Those who suspect that they may be dealing with lung cancer are recommended to consider contacting their doctor for more information.

Treatment Options

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and medication are some of the common types of ways that doctors treat lung cancer. Depending on how severe the condition is, different treatment methods may be used. It also depends on the wishes of the individual who is currently suffering from the condition. For those who are dealing with lung cancer on a more terminal level, treatment may be used to try to help lessen the overall discomfort associated with certain symptoms or the condition itself. There are no options that can cure lung cancer, however there are many treatment options which can help the body to recover over a period of time.

Can Lung Cancer Be Prevented?

It is believed that most lung cancer can be prevented if people are careful. This means not smoking or giving it up completely. Those who may be working in environments where asbestos or radon may be present are recommended to limit their overall exposure. If you live in a building with this type of exposure, it is important to get away from that environment as soon as possible. Having a healthy diet is another way to encourage cancer prevention overall.

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