Exotic Fruits Slideshow

Exotic Fruits Slideshow

Exotic fruits are often combined with tropical fruits, though these aren’t the same things. However some exotic fruits might be tropical. Exotic fruits are defined as any type of fruit that is not cultivated or available in your current place of origin. So if you live in the United States, fruits only grown in other countries will be defined as exotic. You may eat a variety of fruits where you live that are exotic because they were not grown here but shipped after they were cultivated. The following are some of the more popular exotic fruits available.

Asian Apple Pear

One of the more common exotic fruits found in the United States is the Asian apple pear. Asian apple pears are also called nashi and are a round fruit that may appear yellow or brown. Their skin is crunchy and the pulp of the fruit is firm and tastes very sweet. Asian apple pears grow in different parts of Asia, with skin that is edible, however the seeds should not be eaten.


Breadfruit appears on the outside like a small, round, dark-colored coconut. The fruit is very high in calories and high in starch, such as a plantain or potato. It perishes easily, so it’s difficult to get it outside markets close to where they are cultivated in the tropical areas. Occasionally, you will be able to find canned breadfruit which allows people in the US to enjoy the fruit even if it isn’t fresh.


A fruit that is very popular in China and can found in the US is called Lychee. Lychee appears to be a small red nut with seeds and an outer shell that is inedible, similar to coconut or cantaloupes. The pulp inside the lychee fruit is juice and sweet like a melon. Canned lychee is available, but the fresh fruit is nowhere to be found unless it is between May and July.


Grown mostly in South America, cherimoya is a green fruit that looks scaly like a pine cone. It has black seeds that cannot be eaten, with soft and sweet pulp tasting like several different types of tropical fruits. When cherimoya is ripe, the fruit will turn a golden color. If it is ripe, it should be stores in the refrigerator since it is very perishable.

African Cucumber

The African cucumber grows in Africa, in the Kalahari Desert, and looks like a horned melon. African cucumber has a dark green pulp inside that looks like cucumber, passion fruit, lime, and banana. It is often used for smoothies, fruit sundaes, and decorating fodo due to its sweet taste and rich colors. African cucumber is often found in New Zealand and California due to their similar climates.

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