Bladder Cancer

3 Causes That Potentially Increase Bladder Cancer Risk

Cancer can occur to different parts of the body like in the case of bladder cancer. Usually, people are more aware of the cancer of the kidney, the primary organ responsible for filtering waste materials and release them out of the body through urine. Bladder, on the other hand, is responsible of storing urine before being released out of the body.

Knowing More About Your Bladder

Just like the other organs included in this organ system, bladder can also develop cancer cells that can affect its function. In fact, it can also develop different types of cancerous tumors like flat and papillary tumor affecting its lining initially then metastasize when left unmanaged. After knowing the possibility of having bladder cancer, many people want to know what possibly cause this issue. Experts cited several factors that may result to having this type of cancer but without directly pointing to its actual cause.

Untreated infection

Several individuals experience infections in their bladder or other parts of this organ system and majority of these individuals take this problem for granted. They don’t take medication or proper management. This emphasizes the importance of treating infection at its early onset.


This practice may not be the direct cause of bladder cancer among patients but it can increase a person’s risk of developing this disease. Studies claim that the presence of this cancer among males and females is probably due to their smoking habit. Remember that smoking has also been a trigger of numerous cancer types and it’s also possible to cause this type of disease to people.

Cancer treatments

While cancer treatments are helpful for cancer patients, several studies cited that they have side effects to the body including increasing the risk of developing other types of diseases. For instance, cyclophosphamide may possibly increase a person’s risk of having this cancer. It is, however, possible for patients to lessen their risk of having this disease with the help of their physicians. Radiation treatment can also boost risk of having this disease. According to studies, women who undergo this treatment procedure as cervical cancer increase their risk of developing this cancer. While bladder cancer may not have a direct cause, people can increase their risk of having this cancer and affect their overall health. it’s necessary for people to have a checkup once they experience symptoms like urinary tract infection and get treatment. Improving a person’s lifestyle and understanding the risk brought by different treatments. This will help people know more about how to counter the possibility of having bladder cancer and prevent it in the process.

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