Birth Control Pills

Clarifying Common Misconceptions about Birth Control Pills

Discussing contraceptive methods is incomplete without discussing birth control pills. Throughout the years, reports indicate that many women choose contraceptive pills with its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and availability in the market. They can find a long list of reliable, effective birth control pills.


While this contraceptive method is highly popular, some women continue to have misconceptions about this product. It’s important for women to know more about this contraceptive product in order to put their mind at ease and get maximum benefits in using them for their contraception needs.

Birth control pills are ineffective in preventing pregnancy

Statistics have spoken and a lot of women attested how these pills worked effectively for them when it comes to contraception. However, some women don’t believe its effectiveness after hearing that they didn’t work for their other women friends. The truth is pills have high effectiveness rate in contraception compared to other methods available for them. Reports indicate that its effectiveness is above 90% since it works on hormones responsible for ovulation or prevent sperm cells from fertilizing egg cells. Failure rate is due to the women who use them for contraception. Experts recommend specified time when women should take their pills and other details but many fail to follow their advice. Hence, following their recommendations ensures its effectiveness.

Taking birth control pills protects women from STDs

Many contraceptive methods are also marketed as protection from STDs or sexually transmitted diseases like condoms and other products. However, many women think that pills will also protect them from this issue. the truth is women are still unprotected by taking pills. Other contraceptive methods can protect men and women from STDs as they serve as barrier preventing transmitted diseases from being passed on to partners. Pills don’t have the same capability since it’s not a barrier type of contraceptive.

Women can just buy these pills over the counter

Some contraceptives may be offered over the counter but it’s important for women to consult their primary care provider before buying pills for their own use. Contraceptive pills can cause negative side effects to women, especially if they have other health problems. Their care providers will recommend pills that won’t pose side effects or have aversive reaction with other taken medications. Birth control pills are popular but a lot of women are still unaware of some underlying facts on this solution. Women should learn more about them by asking their primary care provider or read online medical documents. This will help clarify misconceptions and save them from potential side effects brought about by taking pills while ensuring they will prevent pregnancy effectively.

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