Birth Control

2 General Types Of Birth Control Methods

Couples want to have kids but some want to have them at the right time. They want to be more financial stable to provide for their newborn. On the other hand, some couples don’t want to have more kids so they follow birth control methods to avoid unplanned pregnancies. During the earlier times, calendar methods and withdrawal method are the common contraceptive methods couples do but have low effectivity level in preventing pregnancy. Fortunately, couples can now choose from a wide array of effective birth control solutions experts offer today.

Birth control options

Birth control choices vary and couples simply need to test which options match their needs. among the common questions include is whether they want to delay having a family or permanently avoid pregnancy. Experts came up with the two types of birth control options for couples so they can choose the ones that match their preference.

Permanent birth control methods

As the term implies, this method will permanently keep women from getting pregnant. Permanent methods are surgical procedures initially and are usually conducted among women only. However, there’s now a non-surgical method use for avoiding unplanned pregnancy. Surgical procedures include tubal ligation, a procedure that includes cutting or tying fallopian tubes. This prevents fertilization as it prevents sperm and eggs from meeting. Some women who will undergo Cesarean operation can ask their physicians to do tubal ligation after giving birth if they don’t plan to have additional children.


Aside from women, even men can also undergo surgical birth control methods through vasectomy. Vasectomy prevents sperm cells from passing to the penis to avoid fertilization. However, it’s still necessary to have another form of protection as sperm cells are still in the system three months after the procedure. They can also undergo a test that will indicate whether sperm cells are still present in the semen.

Temporary birth control methods

Temporary methods or solutions are meant for couples who still plan to have kids in the future as it will only prevent fertilization for a month or more depending on the option. This type includes all the known solutions that can be purchased from pharmacies and other stores. Examples include contraceptive pills, injectables, barriers like sponge, condoms for males and females, IUDs and spermicides. Couples absolutely have numerous contraceptive solution choices today with the help of experts. They can talk with their primary care provider about the best options after discussing medical concerns and plans for the future in having a family. Couples can be confident with their chosen contraceptive methods after knowing their pros and cons with the help of their care providers or other online documents introducing their options.

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