Bed Bug Causes

Bed Bugs: Knowing About Its Causes And Treatment

If you are suffering from too much itching each time you wake in morning, then one possible cause would be bed bugs. In fact, even if these mites have the term ‘bed’ in its name, you can also find it living in your sofa or even your office chair. One good sign that the cause is the bed bugs is when you find small blood smears on your sheets. These may just be tiny pests but they can bring a great deal of trouble to anyone’s home and lives.

What Do They Look Like?

One important step in knowing how to stop these bed bugs is to know what they actually look like. They are very small and wingless. They can be compared to being the size of apple seeds at their largest. They come in colors of brown and turn into something reddish when they ingest some blood. Their bites can cause you to itch with manifestations of rashes. They bite in about 3 to 4 in a row.

Stay Away From Overly Commercialized Products

Once you are sure that it is bed bugs which are causing you trouble, then you it is time to start eradicating them. When you search the market you are sure to find lots of products that claim they can kill all the bugs in just one time of spraying. There are some products that will not totally kill the bugs as it promises but instead cause the pests to just delve deeper into hiding. With all these harmful products, you may end up making the problem worse with other types of insects.

Start First With Overall House Cleaning

Before you even get any product that claims to kill them, you must first take the time to clean your house. Inspect all corners of your entire home and begin to vacuum or even steam clean some sections. Clean all kinds of beddings and other furniture items inside your home. You can skip on your appliances and fix all broken cracks that you will find with the right patches. Pay extra attention to your bedding and other cushions since these are their major hiding places.

Consult Pest Control Experts

If you choose to go for this last resort, then search for those who specialize in eradicating bed bugs in particular. These experts will also give you some suggestions on how you can maintain a clean home so that you can prevent the bugs from coming back.

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