Baby Milestones

Baby Milestones To Watch Out For

Just as when you were pregnant, you would take extra care of yourself so as to ensure that you would give birth to a healthy baby boy. But now that your little angel has been born, your responsibility as a parent continues to make sure he grows up healthy and strong still. You can surely detect and observe the steps of his growth by being familiar with all the developmental stages that each baby goes through.

Looking and Smiling

From six to eight weeks of the baby’s stage, you can expect your baby to make some eye contact and smile. It is a small milestone to unravel but it should not be underestimated. You would notice him following you only through his gaze and this means that there is a healthy neurological growth happening inside him. This is also the stage where the social smile is rendered by the baby. This is the milestone that makes your baby’s visitors go amazed and wowing especially when you have a friendly child.

Coo and Roll Over

Cooing happens at around eight weeks of the baby’s growth. He will do this when you talk to him or anytime that he feels like doing so. This makes him a lot more adorable and means that the front temporal love of your little angel has already reached maturity. You know there could be something wrong if your baby has reached three months and he has not made any cooing sound at all. Rolling over happens between two to three months old. Just make sure that once he rolls over, you always take the time to supervise him so that he won’t hurt himself.

Babbling, Reaching, Grabbing

Babbling is the term for some baby talk. Just like people, there are babies who are more talkative than others. They are the ones whom you would find making more noise than the average baby. At three to five months, he would start reaching some items that would get his attention, most probably those which have a lot of colors. This is the start of a great way to spend time with your angel even with just a single to toy to play with.

Playing, Sitting, Crawling, Walking

The peek-a-boo game is something you can play with your baby at around six months of age. Make sure you sit right when you play this with him. Other succeeding baby milestones you can observe as your baby grows a bit older each day or by the month are sitting up, loving to crawl and finally walking.

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