Avian Flu

Knowing Everything About Avian Flu

Avian flu is a type of infection that is caused by a virus. If you are unfamiliar of the disease, then there are numerous kinds of avian flu which is now a major concern of the H5N1 virus. This can be discovered in wild birds but which do not get inflicted of the virus itself. However, the virus is passed on to other bird species like the turkeys, ducks and chicken which then serve as food for human beings.

Major Causes

When you come into contact with these infected animals turned food, then you can be sure to get the virus too. There were numerous cases already stated that showed the virus had been successfully passed and made a lot of individuals sick. Others pass it through their droppings and even the saliva. The virus can also be traced in their cages and even in other farm equipment that come close with the birds. It can also be transmitted in floorings and counter tops which people can come in contact with too as well.

Why Worry About It

According to experts, the worst thing to know about the avian flu is that it can change speedily. Its severity on humans is very alarming and since the year of 2003, the number of people getting sick and even dying from it has been constantly increasing to hundreds. Majority of the infections were discovered in Asian countries where people come close to birds that they raise in wide and big farms. Some experts are highly concerned that the virus can still spread to almost every part of the world.

Symptoms And Other Infections

The Avian flu can show some symptoms similar to a regular flu. First is the fever then there may be symptoms of coughing, severe muscle aches and even a sore throat. When it comes to worse, you can also suffer from a possible eye infection which is also called as conjunctivitis. It can also lead to other complications like the pneumonia and other acute respiratory disease. Remember that when your lungs are hit, it can certainly be deadly too. If the symptoms persist even up to ten days, then you must certainly call for immediate medical attention and service.


The avian flu can be prevented along with its spread if you would handle carefully the birds that might possibly have it. As a consumer just makes sure that you buy your chickens from trusted providers and only buy those of high quality. This means that you only get what is clean and well sanitized before you even bring it home for cooking.

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