Avascular Necrosis

Avascular Necrosis - 3 Details To Prepare When Undergoing A Checkup

Blood circulation is a vital physiological process as it distributes oxygen and nutrients needed by cells for growth. However, some instances result to people not having proper blood circulation on specific parts of the body and cause problems like Avascular Necrosis. Necrosis is a general term to refer to tissue death due to the lack of proper blood circulation. Avascular Necrosis refers to the condition where bones of an affected area result to death due to the same cause. It presents numerous symptoms but many people experience late detection because they are generally the same with other bone-related problems. Examples of these symptoms are pain even without doing any activity or staying at rest, limping, and increasing pain after some time.

Symptoms In Your Daily Activities

If you notice these symptoms as they start to affect your daily activities, it would be best to consult a physician to know the cause. You’ll never know whether you have Avascular Necrosis on a certain area unless you consult with a physician. When you went for a visit, be ready with the following details as they will ask these before conducting tests. This will help them use the right test.

Time or instance when the pain occurred

It’s vital for physicians to know when the pain occurred so they can take note of the possible cause of the problem and do the right tests. With this question, you must also remember whether a certain injury occurred before the pain started or if it started to feel painful even without a specific cause.

About alcohol intake

Alcohol intake increases the risk of having necrosis so physicians will as whether you drink alcohol and even ask details about your intake. This will let them know if you are at risk of having Avascular Necrosis or not. They will then conduct other tests that will verify this problem.

If pain worsens or not with rest

As mentioned earlier, pain caused by this necrosis continues to occur even if the affected body part gets a rest. Usually, some pain caused by other factors would subside if they get a rest. This can be a good indicator of this possible necrosis but experts will still conduct test in order to be sure. Avascular Necrosis can spread to nearby parts so it’s crucial to detect this as soon as possible to get immediate treatment. If you experience these symptoms, be ready with answers to these potential queries so you can give your physician an idea about your condition and conduct necessary tests to know this potential cause. Remember any possible injury and frequency of pain presentation and fully inform your physician with all necessary details to get proper treatment.

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