2 Types Of Medications For Meeting Treatment Goals for Asthma

Asthma is a condition that troubles a lot of individuals. This condition is experiencing shortness of breath and wheezing together with tightness on the chest due to inflamed or swelling airways. Inflammation occurs when triggers irritate the airways’ lining, which make air passage more difficult than the usual. Usually, this condition presents as an allergic reaction to various triggers but will subside with the help of medications. Asthma attacks can present with mild to emergency symptoms. Mild symptoms include those mentioned above plus coughing with possible presentation of sputum. Emergency symptoms are more severe as they can cause a person to have impaired awareness, sweating, and increased pulse rate. Two types of medications are available in the market like the following.

Rescue medications

These medications, as he term implies, are used for helping patients at times when they experience asthma attacks. This will make breathing easier and stop coughing that people experience with asthma. Common medications include inhalers with Ventolin as one of the popular options offered for patients. These medications are prescribed so patients will get immediate relief from this problem as they will lessen swelling along the airways and give way to proper air passage.

Control medications

Control medications are usually prescribed among patients who have more serious asthma problems. Patients should bring these medications anywhere they go and on a daily basis. These medications serve as maintenance medications that patients take even if they don’t feel any symptoms of asthma attack. They must follow their physician’s prescription to ensure they can control potential attacks in the process. Common medications for control include Xolair, Singulair, and Intal.

Goals of treatment

By looking at how these medications have been formulated, they are only made to prevent airway lining swelling to allow better breathing than the before. However, it’s also important for asthmatic individuals to keep themselves from getting in contact with the primary cause of asthma attacks. Some people have asthma attacks as allergic reactions to their triggers. Patients must be aware of the factors that cause them to have this attack like dust, pollen, molds, and other potential allergens. As long as they make their medications and avoiding these triggers, they can also lessen the instances of having these attacks.


Asthma can be prevented by using medications advised by their physicians. Asthmatic individuals, however, should remember that prevention will also lessen the instances of having asthmatic attacks and it includes keeping themselves from getting in contact with the triggers. Medications can be obtained from physicians and follow their prescriptions for better asthma attack management in the process.

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