Appendicitis - 3 Examination Procedures Experts Conduct On Patients

Appendicitis refers to the inflammation of appendix. This part becomes inflamed due to various factors and result to symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, and others. Appendicitis calls for immediate surgery or appendectomy to prevent rupture and affect the entire digestive system. The good thing about appendectomy is it’s considered as a simpler operation in terms of incision on the skin and removes the appendix before it bursts. Antibiotics may be given to the patient first even before they undergo surgery to control possible occurrence of peritonitis, the inflammation of peritoneum or lining found on the abdominal cavity also notable for being life-threatening.

Issues with appendicitis

It’s true that appendectomy is a simpler surgical procedure experts can conduct to deal with this inflammation. What makes this problem challenging is its simple. Although characterized by pain, people will think that it’s caused by other abdominal problems like ulcer and other causes. However, it’s advisable for patients to go directly to the hospital if they experience unbearable abdominal pain and have a checkup.

Examination procedures

Upon arriving at the hospital, physicians still need to conduct numerous tests to identify the main cause of the problem like the following. They know that various conditions can cause abdominal pain and providing medicines without checking will not treat the problem.

Abdominal palpation or exam

This is the physical exam where physicians check the abdominal area by putting slight pressure on its quadrants and know whether inflammation is present on specific areas. But aside from palpation, other exams may also be conducted to derive the specific cause of the pain. Abdominal pain, particularly on the lower abdomen, is also a sign of urinary tract infection. To know whether UTI is the cause of the pain, physicians will ask for urinalysis, which is a simple test that requires urine samples to know the presence of infection and provide appropriate medications to patients.


Ultrasound done on the abdominal area will show the expert which organs may be inflamed or other abdominal problems that may cause the pain. This procedure can be conducted while waiting for other test results conducted on the patient to give immediate solution or conduct appendectomy if appendicitis is the source of pain. Appendicitis will require a patient to undergo multiple tests in a hospital to ensure if the patient will need appendectomy or not. It’s essential for patients to immediately go to a facility if they feel unbearable abdominal pain and get treatment immediately to prevent possible bursting of appendix, as it can result to infection spread on the peritoneum and put the patient’s life at risk

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