Apert Syndrome

3 Physical Effects Of Apert Syndrome On Infants

Several infants develop physical differences in comparison to others. Developmental issues can cause these differences while others are caused by genetic factors like in the case of Apert Syndrome. This syndrome causes skull bones to fuse together earlier than the usual and affecting the appearance of an infant’s head and face. On this scenario, a faulty gene, which can be passed on by a parent to an infant, will result to gene mutation that affects the skull, its development, and fusion. Unlike other genetically induced problems, only one parent, who is a bearer, is needed to cause this issue to infants. Others will require both parents to be bearers of a certain genetic trait in order to pass it to infants.

Effects on infants

Apert Syndrome has a number of effects to infants mainly on their physical appearance. Here are some of the physical traits of an infant that has this syndrome.

Different cranial shape compared to other infants

This syndrome causes infants to have different cranial shape as the skull bones join or close together earlier than when it’s supposed to. Timing is crucial for fetal development and a premature or delay formation on body parts result to developmental abnormalities that can have an effect on its overall appearance. Cranial shapes among infants with this syndrome vary. Some may have larger or unequal cranial shape depending on how it affected the infant’s development. Some infants may even have soft spots on the head because of premature skull bone fusion.

Bulging eyes

Bulging eyes are also among the prominent signs of Apert Syndrome due to the formation of skull bones, which surround the eyes. Early fusion results to not giving proper space for the eyes. With its prominence, it affects the infant’s appearance and result to several parents looking for support groups that can help them understand their situation and how to cope on potential social factors caused by this syndrome.

Hearing loss

This symptom is also prominent among the infants with Apert Syndrome. Reports indicated that numerous infants with this syndrome also have high number of middle ear problems, which result to hearing loss among this population. Apert Syndrome is caused by genetic mutation during fetal development but it affects the infant’s appearance as it results to premature skull bone fusion. Treating physical deformities include surgery that will correct bone development. Physicians will conduct test on the infant and talk it over with a team of surgeons specializing in skull and face structure to come up with a surgery and treatment plan on possible hearing loss.

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