Anorexia Nervosa

3 Procedures In Treating Anorexia Nervosa

Eating disorders are representation of other psychological issues or challenges. They come in different forms but they have similar causes as to why patients experience this problem. Prevalent among women, anorexia nervosa is one of the eating disorders caused by a person’s fear of gaining weight and other psychological causes. This condition results to women losing more weight the unhealthy way. But aside from simply losing weight, a woman with this problem also experience impaired or slow thinking and thought processes, dry mouth, and decreased bone strength.

Undergoing treatment

Countless reports claimed how this disorder caused death to many women across the globe. It’s natural for family members with a loved one possibly suffering from anorexia to be concerned and immediately ask for possible treatment options that will work effectively in managing this problem. Treatment goals include helping women gain weight again and deal with the cause. Treatment options include the following and experts can conduct them together based on the cause and the severity of symptoms.

Social therapy or treatment

Women who usually suffer from anorexia nervosa suffer from depression and other social stressors that result their fervent wish to lose weight. Reports indicate that women who suffer from early stages of anorexia gain weight after improving their social activities. They can improve their social relationship with others while simultaneously decreasing their usual physical activities aimed for weight loss.


Therapy plays a crucial role in treating women with anorexia nervosa. They need to have therapies together with their families as well as one-on-one therapy sessions with their therapists to have a better image of themselves and prevent them from doing unhealthy diet procedures. Family members also need to be present on some sessions since they need to be a good support system for the patient.

Medications and hospitalization

Advanced cases of anorexia nervosa require hospitalization particularly if the patient lost weight significantly and result to complications. As this condition is also caused by depression, psychiatrists may also need to prescribe antidepressants and antipsychotic medication. These medications will prevent the brain from producing components that result to depression and psychotic thoughts. Anti-anxiety medications may also be a part of the treatment regimen if psychiatrists find it necessary through assessments. Anorexia nervosa requires immediate attention to save the patient from potential complications caused by excessive weight loss, which can be life threatening when not treated accordingly. Experts incorporate the following treatment procedures and integrate them in one treatment regimen to ensure their patient’s safety and restore their normal eating habits as soon as possible by letting them think about a good image of themselves.

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