Anemia: Its Main Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

Anemia is a disease that can be categorized as mild, moderate or the worst, severe. It can also be caused by various factors but in general it is a condition when your body has insufficient number of red blood cells. This condition can be fatal if an immediate medical attention won’t be done. Another possible situation of anemia is when your body’s cells do not contain enough hemoglobin which is the protein that supplies iron.

Initial Symptoms

The moderate case of anemia may show possible symptoms of extreme fatigue. You know it is not getting any better if it would hinder you from performing your usual daily tasks. Your skin will start showing a bit pale and you may get into shortness of breath even when you have not done any heavy activity. Other first set of symptoms include being dizzy and extreme headache too. Another possibly symptom is chest pain and all these signs need further evaluation from an expert medical doctor.

Other Moderate Symptoms

There are also some cases when the blood flow and oxygen in your body are lacking. This is not so good when it can worsen the situation by affecting your organs like the tissues around your heart rendering the risk of a heart attack. Worst things can happen like a possible cardiac arrest can also transpire in time if not the right medication will be done ahead. Other complications like arrhythmias can also occur and this is known to be a state of having irregular heartbeats.

Damage Of Organs

Anemia can also cause severe damages for tissues and organ and it can lead to death due to complications. If you would leave your disease unattended for a long time, then it can damage your most important organs needed for living like your lungs and liver. When extensive damage has occurred, then this can lead to severe heart failure and even brain damage. So watch out for any other symptoms like serious palpitations, weakness and other serious health issues.


Once your disease is confirmed, then you will be presented a treatment program that includes a series of treatments for your potential recovery. You may be offered a blood transfusion process and some iron supply to heighten the count of your red blood cells. However, no matter how worse things can be, it is important that you do sufficient follow up care on your own. In short, love yourself the most when it comes to your health and be obedient to any of your doctor’s commands and orders if you really want to heal.

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