Anal Abscess

2 Test Procedures In Discovering The Source Of Anal Abscess

Pus formation is a common occurrence when a person experiences infection problems on various different parts of the body. Usually, people will have this formation on their skin due to infected wounds. However, many people don’t know that abscess can also occur in other parts of the body that they don’t think possible. One of these occurrences is the formation of anal abscess.

Anal abscess

Anal abscess is the formation of pus along the rectum and anal area. Just like other problems where pus is formed, this problem is related to having some infection problems on these areas due to possible wounds. While it may seem impossible, experts have a number of ways on how to check for its primary cause. Here are some of the common procedures that let experts and patients know about the cause of pus formation in this area.

Rectal examination

This examination starts by examining the anus area before experts explore towards the rectum to confirm this formation. If the cause is not found on the anal surface, experts will then do an internal exam by inserting their finger covered with gloves and lubricant. As this can be uncomfortable, experts will ask their patients to relax prior to conducting this procedure so they will be ready. If they found the cause on the area through this exam, they will then continue with the treatment procedures to offer to patients. Otherwise, experts will must do other exam procedures to draw out cause of this pus formation like the next option.


On this test procedure, experts will look for the cause of anal abscess with the help of a long, flexible imagine device called signoidoscope to find out the main cause of this problem. Being a long device, it can check on the upper areas of anal canal and rectum to see if the cause is situated on this area. This tube is connected to a monitor that presents the image of the intestinal lining. Experts can see if there are fissures on this area that can be pus source. Once found, experts will continue with providing treatment or other procedures if necessary


Anal abscess can be caused by fissures and they can be located deeper part the anal canal. Test procedures are important for sorting possible pus formation causes before providing treatment. Experts will describe these test procedures before conducting it to their patients so they can be prepared for potential discomfort while undergoing the test. They may also brief patients for the possibility of undergoing MRI in case the cause is not found within the range sigmoidoscope. With the help of these test procedures, experts can provide proper treatment in the process.

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