3 Amyloidosis Symptoms Occurring On Specific Areas Of The Body

Some medical conditions can occur to different parts of the body. Though they occur in different parts of the body, they have the same causes but present various symptoms based on the affected area like in the case of amyloidosis. Amyloidosis is the condition where abnormal proteins are deposited on various organs and present various symptoms. Some people would think that they are symptoms of other diseases. This emphasizes the importance of having a checkup immediately after experiencing these symptoms. In the case of amyloidosis, here are some of the common symptoms concentrating on where abnormal proteins are deposited.

Numbness of the hand and feet

These are the primary symptoms when protein deposits are found on the underlying organ systems located on hands and feet. The problem is they don’t only result to numbness but also limit the affected area’s functionality. For instance, hands would have weaker grip and may affect individuals who need to use their hands primarily for work like construction or instrumentalists. These symptoms are also be related to carpal tunnel syndrome that affects the wrist with its meridian nerve receiving pressure and affect hands and wrists’ functionality.

Abnormal heart rhythm

Amyloidosis can also occur on the heart and also pointed as one of the causes of damage on cardiac muscle. The problem with this damage is it can result to a more serious problem like congestive heart failure. By affecting the heart, abnormal protein accumulation can also result to abnormal heart rhythm, which is quite concerning for many individuals. Experts will need to subject their patients to various tests to draw out these problems’ causes and follow accordingly with appropriate medications or treatment procedures.

Abdominal discomfort

Abdominal discomfort is one of the symptoms if deposits occur on the liver. Many people who feel this discomfort find themselves to avoid eating. They feel that this discomfort will worsen if they eat. In the end, people dealing with this problem may also lose weight, which is also one of its notable symptoms. Amyloidosis is also known to cause liver to enlarge in size and present these symptoms. Aside from liver, this deposition may also occur on the spleen, result to increased size, and possibly present the same symptoms.

Set An Appointment With Your Doctor

Amyloidosis presents a lot of symptoms and it depends on the affected organs in the body. By looking at these symptoms, they seem to be general symptoms and not indicative of protein deposits. Hence, patients should have themselves checked with a physician so they can undergo different tests and find out whether amyloidosis is the primary cause or other potential causes.

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