Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone when they hit a certain age. Some of the more common signs of aging include skin wrinkles, grey hair, hormone changes, a change in sexual libido, loss of vision and many other changes in your body and mind. If you’re concerned with aging and wondering if what you’re currently experiencing is normal, the following information is going to help you be more familiar with the normal aging process.

Cardiovascular System

One sign of aging is when your cardiovascular system starts to work harder, such as your heart muscles having to pump more blood to the rest of your body. You may also notice during this aging process, you get high blood pressure which is a good indication it is time to start taking better care of yourself. Some things you can do include getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and quitting smoking.

Joints, Bones and Muscles

Another change you experience as you age is in your bones, joints and muscles. These parts of your body begin shrinking and losing strength. You can even become slightly shorter than you once were, lose some flexibility, have less strength, and begin getting less coordinated and losing your balance. Be sure to supplement your body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and especially calcium to support healthy and strong bones.

Digestive System

It is very common for older adults to find problems with their digestive system. This is preventable though, by drinking plenty of water, eating a high-fiber diet and getting plenty of exercise. Without doing these things, you may notice regular constipation. This is more common among adults with irritable bowel syndrome and diabetes.

Urinary Tract and Bladder

Unfortunately the loss of bladder control comes with aging as well. While this doesn’t happen to everyone during the aging process, some are at a higher risk of urinary incontinence including those who are obese or have chronic cough. If you’re struggling with bladder control, urinate more often when you get the chance and try to lose your extra weight. Pelvic muscle exercises may also help you regain bladder control.


You may notice that as you age, your memory tends to diminish, whether rapidly or gradually. Older adults simply find it takes a little longer to remember a story or recognize a face or name. The older you get, the more chance of losing some of your memory.

Eyes, Ears and Teeth

Lastly, a common sign of aging is a change in your teeth, eyes and ears. You may notice it becomes harder to see and hear as opposed to how you used to be. Your teeth may also decay more rapidly, become weakened, and some will fall out.

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