About Eye Health

About Eye Health

When it comes to vision, it is a gift. Our eyes are important to us. Without them we can’t see. It is hard to understand what a blind person goes through when we are so used to having the gift of sight. Without our eyes, we would be lost in this world. With our eyes, we can see the colors and sight of this wonderful world we all live in. If our vision went out, what would we do? This is why it is so important to keep our eyes as healthy as possible since they are such an important organ of the body.

Types of Eye Conditions

Although our eyes are one of the most important bodily organs we have, they can give us many problems. The types of eye conditions we have include blurry vision, astigmatism, double vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, vision loss and much more. As long as we keep our eyes healthy, we will not have to worry about these problems. However, many people inherit eye problems from their parents or grandparents. This is when you will need to wear eye glasses or contacts to be able to see correctly.

Symptoms of Common Eye Problems

There are many different symptoms associated with eye problems and conditions. One of the main eye problems and its symptoms include vision problems. If you can only see up close, then you are near sighted. If you can only see far away, then you are far sighted. These problems will need to be treated with eye glasses or contacts. There are many people who have to wear eye glasses or contacts.

Types of Eye Injuries

Anyone can injure an eye accidentally or someone may injure it for you by hitting you in it. Or you could be involved in a car accident and have problems with your eyes because of this. Here are the different types of eye injuries and what can be done for them.

Sports Eye Injuries

When playing different sports, you never know what will happen. Sports can be dangerous to your eyes. You could be hit in the eye with a football or baseball accidentally. The different types of sports injuries include blunt injuries, abrasions of the cornea and penetrating injuries of the eye. When these happen you might have to wear certain types of protective eyewear to help protect your eyes better during your football or baseball game.

Blood in the Eye

Blood in the eye is also referred to as Hyphemia. This means you have bleeding in the anterior of the chamber of the eye. Symptoms include blood in the eye, reduced vision and higher eye pressure. You will need to see an eye doctor for treatment of this eye injury. The main cause of this problem is trauma to the eye.

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