About Cancer

About Cancer

Cancer is a disease which many people suffer from. It is an abnormal growth of cells which quickly reproduce although there is less space, the nutrients are shared by other cells and different signals are sent from the body to stop the reproduction. Cancer doesn’t discriminate either. It can affect children and men and women of different ages or ethnic groups. The cells made by Cancer are shaped totally different than normal and healthy cells. Because they are Cancer cells, the will not function properly and will spread to any part of the body. Some people can get through this disease, however, many die from it depending on the type of Cancer it is and if it can be treated.

Symptoms of Cancer

With the many types of Cancers there are out there, it is hard to talk about just a few symptoms. There are general symptoms to watch for, however, these symptoms can also be a cause for something else entirely. If you do have any of these symptoms longer than normally, you should see a doctor to find out if everything is alright with your body. Some general symptoms of Cancer include weight loss, skin changes, pain, fatigue and fever.

Causes of Cancer

There is not one known factor that causes Cancer. Doctors and scientists believe that it is many different factors that cause Cancer. These include environmental, genetic or constitutional factors. The diagnosis, treatment and prognosis are all different when it comes to childhood Cancer than with adult Cancer. The two main differences between childhood Cancer and adult Cancer include types and the survival rate. Survival rate for children with Cancer is about 72% while the survival rate for adults with Cancer is around 60%.

Treatment for Cancer

There are many different types of treatments available for Cancer. They include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, transplantation of organs, bone marrow transplantation, vaccines, lasers and much more. Here are some treatment options explained further for Cancer.


Chemotherapy is a type of therapy that can treat certain types of Cancer. Although it works well for the treatment of Cancer it has many side effects including hair loss, weight loss, anemia, changes of appetite, constipation, bleeding and much more.

Transplantation of Organs or Bone Marrow

When it comes to certain types of Cancer you can have a transplantation done. For example, if you have lung Cancer you can have new lungs donated from someone else transplanted into your body to help save your life. This also goes for a bone marrow transplant which can be done by a close family member or friend who is a match.

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