Guide to Popular Alternative Health Services of 2013

Guide to Popular Alternative Health Services of 2013

Alternative medicine is seeing an increase due to several health scares, epidemics and individuals wanting to go to a greener lifestyle. Natural medications and holistic medications are becoming increasingly popular along with the health services provided by holistic professionals. During 2013 it is expected that the most popular health services will be alternative health services. The following guide is a sampling of the six most popular alternative health care services for 2013 and a description of each of the services.

Alternative Child Birth

Alternative child birth methods have seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. This is due to several reasons. One of the main reasons that alternative childbirth has seen a surge in popularity is due to the low cost of alternative childbirth methods. A second reason is due to couples and single parents personal issues with hospitals and the rising cost of insurance. The following are a few of the alternative childbirth methods that are currently available for individuals seeking a natural childbirth or childbirth without the connections to hospitals and insurance policies.

Guided Home Birth

Guided homebirth is one of the most popular forms of alternative childbirth. Guided homebirth generally requires a midwife to be present. The midwife will work with the mother through out the duration of her pregnancy in various techniques. Yoga, massage, chiropractor adjustments and in-home consultations are all part of what a midwife will offer for guided homebirth. When it is time for the mother to give birth the midwife will work with the mother throughout the labor. If the labor goes on for more than 12 hours, a new midwife will step in so that a fresh and able-bodied midwife is there throughout the labor and delivery process. The guided homebirth simply means that a family could have a midwife to help with the process should an issue occur. The midwife will also stay after the homebirth for up to eight hours to ensure that the mother and baby are both healthy and that there are no after complications.

Water Birth

A water birth is another form of alternative childbirth that has seen a growth in popularity over the past few years. The water birth was very popular during the 1970s and tapered off during the 80s and 90s in response to concerns over the health and safety of the child. However, many guided homebirths now incorporate water birth as part of the alternative childbirth methods. The water birth will allow for the mother to have an easier labor experience and for the baby to be born in a less emotional damaging method. There are several benefits to water birth that many parents consider. One of the main benefits is the ease of labor for the mother and the reduced pain to the mother and effects on the child.

Unassisted Child Birth

Unassisted home childbirths are not as popular a method as water births or guided homebirths. The reason for this is due primarily to many state laws that being against unassisted childbirth. With the many issues that can go wrong during the labor and delivery process, it is believed that unassisted childbirth is potentially harmful and can be traumatic. Though, the unassisted childbirth alternative childbirth method has seen resurgence in recent years.

Alternative Anxiety Therapy

Alternative treatments for anxiety and anxiety therapy have also become increasingly popular in the last few years. This is due primarily in part to medications which have side effects that are more detrimental than the original issue. For example, many anxiety medications currently on the market may be FDA approved however they will have side effects such as suicidal tendencies, increased depression, weight gain and other issues. To avoid these issues, many patients have started seeking alternative anxiety therapies and alternative treatments. Though these treatments may require a payment out-of-pocket, many of the patients feel that it is worth the payment in order to receive a non-chemical and non-invasive form of treatment. The following are a few of the alternative anxiety treatments and therapies currently available to patients.

Natural Medication Treatments

There are several natural medication treatments used as alternative anxiety therapies and treatment formats. The most common are St. John's wort and proprietary blend supplements. St. John's wort has been seen as effective in treatments as opposed to prescription medications. It is also a supplement that has been used with great success for issues of nervousness and anxiety. If issues occur that require calming effects, Valerian root has been prescribed by several alternative medication professionals. All of these are treatments for minor anxiety and depression. It should be noted that for severe anxiety and depression certain medications will be required in addition to the supplements. However, for daily depression or minor depression and anxiety onsets of these types of natural medication treatments have been very effective.

Over the Counter Treatments

There are several over-the-counter treatments have been used as alternative anxiety treatment and therapy. One of these treatments is known as SamE. This over-the-counter alternative anxiety medication can be purchased at most drugstores and is considered to be a dietary supplement. It is primarily used for treatment of anxiety and depression in individuals who may have been on a medication known as Welbutryn. Though over-the-counter treatments can be effective, and alternative nutritionist or therapist may be the best option in order to ensure that this particular form of over-the-counter treatment is viable for your needs.

Nutritional Anxiety Treatments

Nutritional anxiety treatments are anxiety therapy and treatment formats that actually work with nutritionist rather than adding a new supplement or adding an over-the-counter medication. One of the most common methods used in nutritional anxiety treatment is to remove certain stimulants from the diet. These stimulants can be found in caffeine, alcohol, sugar, carbohydrates, refined foods and in various additives that are placed in prepared and prepackaged foods. One of the most common ways of doing this is to create a gluten-free diet or to create a diet that excludes any kind of faster prepared foods. Headaches may occur with this type of therapy due to caffeine addiction. To reduce headaches many nutritionist alternative therapists will start a slow reduction of caffeine or stimulants from the system. This may also cause relaxation issues where Valerian root, melatonin and chamomile will be used as replacements for sleeping pills and other medications.

Supplemental Alternative Anxiety Treatments

Supplemental alternative anxiety treatments tend to deal with a person's level of particular supplements in the body. For example, it is believed that anxiety can be an onset of not sleeping well or can be an onset of a reduced mineral or vitamin in the system. For example, magnesium is one of the most common supplements given during alternative anxiety treatments. Magnesium is said to calm the body and to create a calmer nervous system. Other supplements may be an increase of vitamin D, calcium and vitamin D 12. In combination the supplements will help the neurotransmitters in the nerve cells.

Breathing, Meditation and Exercise As Alternative Anxiety Treatments

The use of breathing, exercise and meditation for alternative anxiety treatment is fairly common especially with alternative doctors and nutritionists. This is generally offered in a combination with supplemental alternative anxiety treatments and with nutritional anxiety treatments. It is believed that an individual who participates in nutritional, supplemental and breathing or exercise related alternative anxiety treatments will see a vast change in their anxiety level and their sleep pattern. This has been a very successful alternative method and can be very cost efficient for individuals worried about the high cost of prescription medications. If a patient is more concerned with the chemical imbalance caused by some of the prescribed medications, then this combination may be the perfect option. It should be noted that any alternative anxiety therapy should be discussed with a nutritionist and with a homeopathic or holistic physician. You can find holistic and homeopathic physicians through online searches or through word-of-mouth. You should not consult an organic or natural foods store representative for assistance without first discussing your alternative anxiety therapy issues with a certified holistic nutritionist, counselor or physician.

Alternative Behavioral Services

Alternative behavioral services tend to fall in line with alternative anxiety therapies. Behavioral issues can include anxiety, depression and especially can concern children who have behavioral issues and coping issues. The primary alternative behavioral services are generally found in children's medicine to help children with behavioral issues and outbursts to handle their issues in a non chemical way. The following are just a few of the ways that alternative behavioral services can help children with anxiety, ADHD, behavioral issues and outburst issues.

Meditation and Breathing

A way that many of the alternative therapists use to help children with behavioral issues is to use meditation and breathing techniques. There has been a correlation between meditation and breathing techniques and children’s anxiety level. Children who are taught to stop, breath and take a break can handle their anger and anxiety better than those who may not know these techniques. Though the techniques are only part of the anxiety alternative treatment plan. However, they are the most strict and important part of the program. These techniques may be used up to two hours a day in segments of two hours each.

Supplemental Checkups

Just as with adults, children may have a reduced level of certain necessary supplements, minerals and vitamins in their bodies. This can be due to diet issues, poor eating habits and other nutritional factors. A nutritionist can meet with the child and perform certain blood work and lab tests. These tests will indicate if there is a reduced level of magnesium or other needed nutrients. If there are, then the nutritionist will make the necessary adjustments in the diet plan. In addition to a diet plan, the nutritionist will also offer alternative supplemental options such as taking additional supplements, a liquid vitamin or other vitamin regimen. These checkups can also catch if other supplements are fluctuating during a given span of time or if sugar levels are adjusting too rapidly. In fact, many nutritionists have used supplemental checkups to determine if diabetes complications may be evident for the child and part of the behavioral issues.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are used for behavioral alternative therapies in the form of either single one-on-one sessions or group therapy sessions. There is some controversy as to whether or not group therapy sessions cross a privacy line or if they do in fact help, there have been some indicators that therapy sessions to help behavioral issues children and allow them to deal with their behavioral and anger management issues around other children as they would be in a daily setting. This allows the children to be forced to deal with others around them and can cultivate a social awareness that may not be cultivated by simply offering a chemical-based substance to aid in a child's behavioral development. This is also a way that many parents will use to avoid certain medications such as Ritalin and other heavier behavioral modification medications.

Supplemental Health Services

Supplemental health services as an alternative health service offers a variety of different techniques and formats. Supplement health services is generally thought to be adding supplements to your daily diet or changing the daily diet in some way. The truth is that supplemental health services in alternative therapy actually encompasses several different types of techniques and therapies. The following are the techniques and therapies used in several health services. Keep in mind that the therapies are not generally used as standalone therapies or as one trick ponies. These therapies are used in a conjoined manner in order to give the most benefit to a patient. These health services are also layered in order to get a full health benefit rather than portions of health benefits for different issues.

Yoga and Meditation

Supplemental health services, yoga and meditation are considered the pinnacle factors in developing a reduced anxiety environment. For individuals who have issues with anxiety and with dealing with anger management the yoga and meditation portion is of a little health service can be incredibly beneficial. Yoga meditation is generally requested on a daily basis with one day a week devoted completely to meditation and no yoga. This is to give the body a rest but to keep the mind occupied in a meditative state. Those individuals that use supplement health services and choose to use the yoga and meditation as part of their plan will generally spend one hour to three hours a day in some form of yoga and meditation. Though it may seem that this is too harsh, the three hours a day can be broken up into morning and afternoon sessions or morning the day and afternoon sessions.

Supplemental Medication

Supplemental alternative medication is another building block in supplemental health services. As previously mentioned in other alternative health services in this guide, supplemental medication can be anything from a vitamin or nutrient supplement to an over-the-counter anxiety medication. Proprietary blends are very common to be prescribed by holistic health professionals in order to meet a wide variety of needs. For example, a proprietary blend may include Kava Kava, St. John's wort, magnesium, Valeron root, various vitamins and minerals as well as chamomile, fruit extracts and other blends. These proprietary blends serve to lower anxiety, increased nutritional value, replaced certain supplements that may be reduced or missing in the diet and as a way to meet a specific need in the process. The most common criteria blends are for anxiety, stress, anger management and for onset anxiety that may come on suddenly.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling is used as part of supplemental health services and as one of the major building blocks to supplemental health services. An alternative physician such as a holistic practitioner or nutritionist will use nutritional counseling to remove items that have been directly linked to issues in the body. For example, it is believed that anger management issues and children can be directly correlated with a high volume of sugar in the diet and a low volume of protein in the diet. What a nutritionist will do is look at the various foods that a child is ingesting to determine if there is too much sugar, too many carbohydrates, not enough protein or if there it too many processed foods and the gluten in the processed food is causing problems. At that point they will slowly remove or add to the nutritional list agenda and create a nutrition program that works for the child. This is the most direct of the building blocks in supplemental health services. This is especially true of children but can be more severe for adults. The reason for this is due to the fact that adults have had a longer exposure to various prepared foods and foods with various chemicals. Transferring from a chemical diet to a clean living diet can be a bit difficult and may require more nutritional counseling. The nutritional counseling that is offered is not simply offered in the form of a new diet or menu plan. Nutritional counseling as a form of alternative supplemental therapy will also delve into various issues with food, food and diet issues and eating disorders. For individuals who have eating disorders combined with anger management issues or the other behavioral and anxiety issues the need for nutritional counseling may be mandated. Not only will the individual have to deal with their eating disorder but they will have to deal with the conflicts of their eating disorder is causing in their life including the anxiety, difficulty in sleeping and other issues that may go into behavioral issues. Nutritional counseling is generally held 3 to 4 times a week for individuals.

Alternative Family Health Services

One of the most popular standard alternative health services that are seeing a huge increase in early 2013, is the alternative family health services. Alternative family health services are doctor’s offices and physicians offices that operate in the same manner as a regular general or family practitioner. The office is the same, lab work is the same, and a process of seeing a doctor is the same. However, there are some subtle differences. The following are a few of the alternative family health service differences and why they are increasingly popular.


Many alternative family health services do not accept standard insurance. This may seem like a downfall for not only the health practice but also for the patients, this has been a huge benefit for some patients who do not want to be part of the insurance circle. You may pay out-of-pocket and sometimes the out-of-pocket expenses for alternative family health services are much cheaper than those in their chemical or regular counterparts. Though there are some insurance companies that do allow alternative family health services the vast majority currently do not.

Chemical Free

For parents and families that are looking for chemical free environment, alternative family health services has a huge benefit on the market. Chemical free medications, therapies and family health services are all provided at alternative family health service offices. A family can rest easy knowing that they will be prescribed some form of herbal medication or natural medication before a chemical is introduced. Though many physicians alternative family health services will allow for a chemical such as Ritalin to be introduced, it is a last resort and only used when natural alternative medications do not work or the issue is so severe that a natural medication will not supplement the issue enough to stop it.

Inclusive Alternative Therapies

Inclusive alternative therapies are another reason that many people are turning to alternative family health services. As an alternative family health services office will have not only a holistic physician, but will also have a nutritionist on staff. In addition to the nutritionist and listed physician there will also be allowed, natural and proprietary blends based pharmacy, chiropractor, massage therapist and midwives. In other words, any alternative family health service need you have can be met at an alternative family health services clinic or physician's office.

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