Guide to Hair and Scalp

Guide to Healthy Hair and Scalp


5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

Having a full and vibrant head of hair often takes more action and effort than many people realize. Hair does not always simply grow healthy without any stimulation or assistance from hair care products. In fact, there are a lot of actions and techniques that can be used to encourage your hair to stay healthy or become more healthy over a period of time. Whether you are dealing with hair that is already damaged and you are seeking to help it recover back to its original state or if you have healthy hair but want to ensure that it continues to look beautiful, here are some tips which are guaranteed to help you. Consider brushing your hair with a boar’s bristle brush every day. Using this type of brush is great because it can help you to evenly distribute the oils that are naturally associated with your hair. By brushing your hair with this on a regular basis, you can spread these oils throughout the hair, allowing it to become more moisturized without having to use actual hair care products. In addition to this aspect, the use of this type of brush is ideal because it allows you to stimulate your scalp. Pay attention to the ingredients that are within your hair care products. Whether you are using shampoo or a hairspray, you should consider what types of ingredients are going into the products that you use on a regular basis. Ingredients like sulfates are known to strip the hair of natural oils, for example. By using products that do not have these types of harmful ingredients, you can ensure that you are taking good care of your hair. Get a haircut only when it is necessary. Letting your hair grow out is a good way to encourage continual growth that isn’t interrupted by damaging your hair with bleaching or other hair care options. You should only get your hair cut when you absolutely need it cut for layers or to remove some of the split ends. Use hair vitamins and related products. If you invest in using hair vitamins on a regular basis, you should see a difference in how your hair is able to grow. It should become shinier and stronger over a period of time. Another important tip to remember is not to wash your hair more frequently than what is necessary. If you wash your hair too much, there is hardly any chance that your hair can use those natural oils that are provided by your body. As a result, your hair never has the opportunity to look the way it should naturally.

Hair Color and Damaged Hair

Perhaps one of the most common ways that people damage their hair on a regular basis can be found in the use of hair color. There are many hair color products which contain chemicals known for damaging hair, whether individuals use bleach or only hair dye. Unfortunately, if your dyed hair doesn’t look the way you thought it would, the only way to remove it is either by washing it out until the dye strips out, bleaching it out, or using one of the dye removal products that exists. All of these options damage the hair. Although dyeing your hair can be damaging, there are ways that you can deal with the damage over time. The issue is that dyeing your hair can strip out many of the natural oils and properties that are currently in your hair. When this happens too much, your hair can become dry and brittle or may break excessively. For this reason, many hairstylists recommend that people who have recently dyed their hair should wash their hair less after the dyeing process. By waiting to wash the hair, natural oils begin to become released onto the scalp again, providing the hair with some of the properties it originally had. It is also recommended to use hair masks, hot oil treatments, and deep conditioners to help treat the damaged hair. There are many shampoos and conditioners that are created for individuals who are dealing with hair damage as a result of dyeing their hair or using too many heated products. These shampoos and conditioners work by strengthening the hair and helping to replace some of the elements that have been lost during the dyeing process. Some shampoos also offer the ability of helping to keep hair color lasting longer. A common problem that occurs after continued bleaching of hair is that the hair begins to thin out and become more fragile. Depending on how much the hair has been damaged, it may be possible to prevent the damage from worsening. Some people suggest the use of volumizing shampoo or shampoos that offer protein treatments can help in thickening the hair and minimizing some of the damage. If the damage has occurred too excessively, the only option may be to stop dyeing and bleaching the hair until new hair can begin to grow. Ultimately, individuals need to determine if the damage associated with bleaching and dyeing their hair is worth risking. Although some people are able to have incredibly healthy hair after bleaching and dyeing, there are many who continue to struggle with returning their hair to its original healthy condition.

5 Products That Damage Hair

Although you may not realize it in the day-to-day treatment and care for your hair, there are many products that are known to damage hair. Those who are seeking to take better care of their hair should consider learning further about the common damage that many hair products provide during general grooming and hairstyling. Although it is not possible to completely prevent the inevitable damage to your hair, by using these products only in moderation, you can significantly reduce some of the damage that is commonly associated with these aspects.


Bleaching is one of the top ways that people damage their hair. The desire to have lighter hair, highlights, or completely dyed hair generally leads to the use of bleach. Since bleach is such an abrasive chemical, if it is used too much or left on too long upon your hair, it can cause serious damage. Your hair may begin to look dry or may even start to break significantly. The best way to avoid these aspects is to avoid bleaching all together or only bleach your hair when it is entirely necessary.


Shampoos and other products that use sulfates can be incredibly bad for your hair. This ingredient is known to strip your hair of many of the natural oils and other properties that help to keep hair healthy and shiny. Individuals who have dyed hair may notice that using shampoos with sulfates also makes their hair dye fade much quicker than usual. Sulfates can be easily avoided by reading shampoo ingredients and investing in products that do not include this chemical.

Hair Dryers

Using hair dryers on hot settings can be very damaging to your hair, even if you are using products that are specifically designed to work with the heat. If your hair is very damp, using a hot setting can cause further damage. The better option is to use a lower heat setting and only use your hair dryer when you absolutely have to.


This type of hair product contains the ingredient of lye. Lye is known to cause breakage and may even burn the skin if it is left on too long. Although there are relaxers that do not use lye, they use other ingredients which can promote irritation of the scalp and can damage the texture of your hair. If relaxers are used on the hair too often or are left on the hair for too long, it can cause a large amount of damage and result in a significant amount of breakage.

Hair Color

Like bleach, hair color can be very damaging to the hair. Some coloring products already have bleach included, which can damage the hair more than traditional coloring. It is advised to avoid coloring your hair too often.

Homemade Hair Treatments

If you want to keep a healthy head of hair, taking care of it is extremely important. However, it can become very costly to invest in expensive hair products over an extended period of time. As an alternative to this issue, individuals may want to consider using a variety of homemade hair treatments that can be made from typical items and ingredients that they would find within their own household. Not only are these treatments more affordable, they are able to produce amazing results in terms of hair care. Here are some of the most popular hair treatments that you can make within the privacy of your own home. Hot oil treatments are always a favorite for people because they revitalize hair and feel amazing on the scalp. Instead of investing in the small packets of oil that are sold at the store, you might want to consider using olive oil or another related oil while you are at home. Using olive oil instead of hot oil treatment kits means that you can use extra oil to encourage adding more moisture to the hair. The easiest way to accomplish this type of treatment is to warm up a cup of oil in the microwave for around a minute or until it is comfortably warm to the touch. Then apply it to your hair and allow it to soak in for as long as necessary. Afterward, you can wash it out in the shower and enjoy hair that is softer than ever before. Another option is to consider making a hair mask by using mayonnaise. This is a popular technique that has been used for decades. Because mayonnaise has so many moisturizing properties and ingredients, such as eggs, it makes it a great option for those who are seeking to condition their hair without spending a lot of money. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive deep conditioner, mayonnaise is always the next best option. Simply cover your hair in mayonnaise and wear a plastic cap for the next few hours or overnight. When you wash out the mayonnaise, you will discover that your hair is shiny and soft. These two treatments are easily some the cheapest, convenient, and most affordable hair treatments that you could possible invest in. If you have recently dyed or bleached your hair, these options would be a good way to start focusing on restoring some of the oils and properties that you removed during the process. By treating your hair with these options every few months, you will encourage healthier, shinier, more beautiful hair.

Best Hair Products to Maintain Hair and Scalp

One of the common concerns that people discuss regarding the topic of hair care is how they can take optimal care of their scalp and hair. The condition of your hair and scalp depend greatly on how much you are willing to provide treatments and pampering in order to keep both healthy and beautiful. A scalp that is neglected will be itchy, dry, and may even begin to have uncomfortable sores over a period of time. Likewise, if you neglect your hair, it may turn dry and begin to break fairly easily. Some of the following tips can be used to keep your hair and scalp healthy and presentable. Using good shampoo and conditioner is almost essential for making sure that you are going to take good care of your hair and scalp. It ensures that your scalp will not become flakey or easily irritated. Your shampoo shouldn’t remove too much of the natural oils from your hair, but just enough of the typical dirt that begins to accumulate over time. Oil is another great product for your hair and scalp. This will help to moisturize both of these areas. Regular hot oil treatments are a good way to ensure that the oil is absorbed well into the skin and the hair. You can purchase hot oil treatment kits at the store or you can make your own by warming up a cup of oil and massaging it into your hair. The massage helps to stimulate the scalp. Natural hair masks can be a good way to care for your scalp and your hair also. Depending on the ingredients of the mask, you can moisturize your scalp while making your hair softer and stronger. Many masks have ingredients that will feel more soothing, such as the use of mint. Some beauty supply stores provide individuals with access to vitamins that can be used to encourage the health of the scalp and strengthen the hair. This tends to vary, but there are many hair care brands that provide these types of products. The idea is that your body will absorb the vitamins so that the nutrients are used from the inside of your body instead of trying to apply nutrients externally via the use of other products. These are just some of the general option that you can use to improve the condition of both your hair and your scalp. Some general research on the internet can reveal many other great options, such as head massages and different techniques for cleaning your hair.

5 Natural Shampoos for Healthy Hair

If you are interested in natural shampoos but you do not have the time to try working on the recipes on your own, you may want to try some of the many natural shampoos that are now becoming available in stores. Whether you are seeking to avoid the harsh chemicals and sulfates typically found in shampoos or looking for options that are more eco-friendly, these shampoos will ensure that your hair is always beautiful, clean, and vibrant.

Avalon Organics Revitalizing Shampoo

This great shampoo features a strong dose of peppermint to ensure your scalp will be tingling and your hair will be clean. If you are looking for a shampoo that offers great aromatherapy, this woul be an ideal option to consider checking out.

Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Shampoo

This shampoo features sugar beets and grapefruit, lending an amazing scent. It will provide you with shiny, beautiful hair after every wash. It’s very popular with those who already familiar with the Burt’s Bees line of products.

L’Oreal Ever Pure Shampoo

For those who are seeking to save moisture instead of stripping it from their hair, this shampoo by L’Oreal is a great consideration. The company also claims that it will provide more volume to hair. The greatest asset is that the shampoo doesn’t have any sulfates and is completely vegan.

Aveda “Shampure” Shampoo

People have trusted Aveda for years for providing high quality shampoo that helps to reverse the effects of damage. Their “shampure” shampoo is well-known for helping to make hair shinier and soft.

Tigi Color Savvy Shampoo

Another great sulfate free shampoo can be found in this option provided by Tigi. It offers a rich later and also helps to minimize some of the frizz as your hair dries. Of course, there are many other natural shampoos that are available within stores. Those who are seeking for some of the lesser known brand name shampoos may want to consider visiting some stores which typically sell natural foods. These stores offer a great variety of natural items, including many items for beauty and hygiene. This is a great option if you have been having a hard time finding natural shampoos in stores or if you would like to get a better idea of what options are available to you. As with any typical shampoo, you will likely have to test out a few of these natural shampoos before you find the one that best suits your hair type. Just as some shampoos help to volumize hair, there are also many which help to keep it under control.

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