How to Reduce Stress for Better Natural Sleep

Unfortunately, in today's society there are easy options for sleep issues. If you have insomnia, trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep there are several over-the-counter options and prescription options to help. These are generally considered to be fast options and quick fixes. The problem is that many of these fast options and quick fixes can lead to issues such as addiction to the medication or being unable to sleep without the medication even in non-habit forming doses. The following are some ways you can reduce your stress for better natural sleep so you can avoid medications altogether and avoid these types of issues.

Slowing Down at the End of the Day

It does not matter if you are on a schedule that is a night shift or dayshift. By taking an hour to two hours at the end of your day to slow down and disconnect from the stimulating activities you will be able to help natural sleep patterns take hold. For example, many individuals will leave work and come home only to log into computers or to play stimulating computer games. These types of activities can be relaxing, but they will keep your mind working up until bedtime. In order to quiet down your mind and to let natural sleep occur, you should take a break from any computer activity and even some TV activities.

Warm Bath before Bed

Taking a warm bath before bed is something that many people are not used to. In fact, some individuals may only take a shower or bath prior to going to work or after they get up in the morning. It has been suggested that taking a warm bath before bed combined with reducing stimulation at the end of the day will help to naturally relax the muscles and tension throughout the body. This natural relaxation will lead to the natural sleep factors and cycles in the body to take hold.

Hot Tea

There are many individuals who have sleep issues and have discovered different herbal tea remedies to help them sleep. These are natural remedies such as chamomile or the well-known sleepy time tea. A glass of this tea following a warm bath and combined with a slowing down of stimulating factors in the environment can help produce natural sleep patterns. Though many individuals do not want to rely on a hot tea or other forms of drink before bed, others have found it to be a very soothing way to kick in natural sleep patterns.

Meditation, Yoga and Chanting

Meditation, yoga and chanting are all techniques are used by hundreds of individuals across the globe. These techniques allow for the mind and body to quiet down and to naturally move into a relaxed state. This can lead to natural sleep patterns working within the body. For many individuals combining a meditation, yoga or chanting schedule with a warm bath and hot tea or some other herbal drink is a helpful way to induce natural sleep patterns. These individuals have found that these natural methods and combination of methods reduces the need for medical stimulants to induce sleep.

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