How to Identify the Signs of Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances can affect every aspect of a person's life. It is a common misconception that hormone imbalances only occur in women. Men can also have various hormone imbalances and so can children and young adults. The signs of hormone imbalances can be very easy to identify, but in some cases may be increasingly difficult to identify. The following are a few ways you can learn how to identify the signs of hormone imbalances and how to alert your doctor to these hormone imbalances so treatment plans can be put into place.

Increased Anxiety

Increased anxiety is one of the key signs of hormone imbalances. For an individual who normally does not have anxiety issues, having increased anxiety issue or an anxiety attack can be a sure sign of hormone imbalances. These increased anxiety attacks can happen after a major surgery, after major life event, after pregnancy or just before menopause. Many women who have had hysterectomies will also see an increased anxiety issue if their balance of hormones is not set properly. For women who are taking hormone medications, an increased anxiety issue can point to the need for increased hormones in their daily life or can point to the need for a different hormone therapy option.

Increased Emotional Reactions

Though increased anxiety in women can lend to menopause, hysterectomies, pregnancy and other issues there are increased emotional reactions that can happen in men as well. Men or women who are noticing an increased emotional reaction or violent emotional tendencies may have an issue with hormone imbalances in their diets or in their supplements. For men who do bodybuilding or extra workouts, a drastic workout change or a drastic change in the overall exercise and fitness plan can lead to increased emotional reactions due to hormone imbalances. When protein shakes and other items are added to the diet the hormones can go off balance due to the introduction of these new proteins into the diet plan.

If this happens, the male should contact their physician or their nutritionist to determine if there is a hormone imbalance and how to counteract it. For women, there are several instances where an increased emotional reaction could deal with anxiety or could be connected to an issue in their lifestyle. These increased emotional reactions for women can lead to several other issues that should be taken care of immediately.

Increased or Decreased Sleep Patterns

A drastic increase or decrease in sleep patterns may also point at hormonal imbalances. If an individual starts noticing that they are sleeping less, having trouble sleeping or are sleeping for longer periods of time without being able to be woken up then this could point to a hormone imbalance. If you are noticing that you are having severe sleep issues, insomnia or if you are sleeping for more than 12 hours you will need to contact your doctor to determine if a hormone imbalance has occurred. Your doctor will be able to place you on a hormone therapy that will help you with this issue as well as any other side effects such as anxiety or the previously mentioned increased emotional reactions.

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