How to Create a Healthy Environment for Asthma Patients

Asthma patients have difficulties with both indoor and outdoor allergens. Depending on the type of asthma and level of asthma a patient has, these situations could result in having to have near-perfect air quality or just having to remove certain allergens from the environment. The following are some ways that you can learn how to create a healthy environment for asthma patients who have various levels of asthma issues. These different methods will help regardless of mild asthma issues or major asthma issues.

Discover the Allergens

The first step in creating a healthy environment for asthma patients is to discover the allergens that are affecting the patient. If the individual is affected by outdoor elements such as pollen or spores, then you will want to make sure you check the air quality daily. If you are dealing with an asthma patient that is younger, this may be an increased issue for their education. If homeschooling is an option then you may want to consider homeschooling. If there are severe pollen issues or spore issues in the air that could affect the child’s asthma, you want to discuss this with the school officials to ensure that your child will not be exposed to these issues during a physical education hour or any other time that would allow them to be outside in the elements.

Remove Allergens from the Area

Removing allergens in the area is the second step in creating a healthy environment for asthma patients. If the allergens are located indoors, such as pets or dust and dander, then you will want to remove these allergens as quickly as possible. For individuals who are dealing with patients that have severe asthma one of the major steps that can help with their breathing is to remove carpeting from the house. Any type of carpeting, no matter how clean you maintain it can trap dust, dirt and debris. Even when the carpets are vacuumed and steam cleaned they will still hold onto various dust particles in the air. This can be highly dangerous for individuals with severe asthma. After you have removed carpeting, consider adding different forms of clean air options to the home.

Clean the Air

Cleaning the air and offering a higher level of air quality is another step in creating a healthy environment for asthma patients. You can use room air purifiers which purify the air up to 400 square feet, whole house air purifiers and a combination of dehumidifiers or humidifiers. You may also want to consider using green plants throughout the home. Plants will naturally give the air quality a higher level of quality and will help clean the air in a natural way. You will also want to make sure you change the filters and air purifiers and that these filters are maintained throughout the year. Remember that if you have a whole house air purifying system, you will want to have that maintained at least 2 to 3 times a year to ensure that is working properly and that there are no clogs or debris in areas impacting the overall function of the air purifying system.

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