Anger Management in Young Children

There have been many controversies in children’s health care over the past few decades. None of these controversies has been more shocking and heartbreaking than anger management in young children. It is no secret that anger management issues are difficult regardless of age. They are difficult to manage for the families and even more difficult for the children facing the issues. In fact, for children, an anger management issue can cause increased stress and confusion. Children may not understand how to deal with their anger or that their anger management issues are even a problem. So, how do you deal with anger management in young children as a parent or caregiver?


The first step for dealing with anger management in children is usually some sort of therapy. The best step is to enroll the child in therapy when anger management signs first begin. We are not talking about a simple temper tantrum either. When children are dealing with anger management issues certain signs will show such as lashing out violently, destruction of property or hurting themselves. If parents see any signs of this they will usually contact a therapist to get to the bottom of the situation. The therapist is only the first step. A therapist will help determine the underlying issue and recommend different methods of treatment. These methods of treatment can lead to other ways for families to deal with anger management in young children.


As much as parents and caregivers may not want to admit it, medication can sometimes be the biggest asset in situations of childhood anger management. These medications may control not only anxiety that leads to anger management issues, but also helps keep children calm. These medications can be combined or prescribed separately to determine which medications work best for the child. In a recent documentary, America’s Medicated Kids, the good and the bad of medicated children with anger management issues was exposed. Though some families and caregivers are horrified by the large amount of medication children with anger management issues are on, the truth is it may be the only thing keeping the children calm or at least manageable.

Educational Adjustments

Educational adjustments for children with anger management issues is a form of therapy that is not often discussed. This is mainly due to the fact that this particular method is still considered fairly new. There are several forms of educational adjustments available for children with anger issues. One of the methods is fairly simple. A child with anger management issues can be moved out of larger education environments into smaller environments that allow for more individualized contact. In extreme cases, the educational adjustments may be a complete move to home school options or to boarding school options that give the children increased guidelines and restrictions. It has been found that children who are placed in boarding school situations do respond well to the guidelines and regulations and avoid medication as a treatment option. Studies have also found that children in these situations will tend to react better to therapy and find other ways to deal with anger management issues and their underlying causes.

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