Top Issues Parents of ADHD Kids Face

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder affecting approximately 10 percent of school-aged children. It is more common among boys though girls are also diagnosed with the condition. The cause is mostly unknown though some believe it might be hereditary. Not only is it hard on the child to deal with being hyperactive without thinking and having trouble focusing, it can be very difficult for the parents as well.

Understanding ADHD

You should first become familiar with what ADHD is and how children will behave. Most of their behaviors can’t be helped and they don’t realize they’re doing it. Children with ADHD don’t hear your rules, therefore they don’t obey them, they are often not organized and easily distracted, they have a hard time maintaining focus and most often quit projects before finishing them. They also have issues with being impulsive and demanding attention even when it is inappropriate. They speak or act before thinking very often as well. It can be hard for children with ADHD to sleep or even get rest.

Issues with ADHD and Parents

As the parent of an ADHD child, you are going to take it the hardest. You understand what your child is going through a little more, but it can still be difficult handling at times. You can be emotionally and physically exhausted due to all of the demands of a child with ADHD. It gets very frustrating not being able to punish them in the same way as their siblings and you deal with issues with their teachers as well. They often aren’t able to listen to what you’re saying or be disciplined at all. Children with ADHD also need to be monitored more than the average child their age and their overall personality traits and behaviors can be exhausting.

Issues with ADHD and Siblings

Not only is it difficult for parents, but there are issues with the child’s siblings as well. A child with ADHD wants all of the attention and will go as far as demanding it. Because of their behavioral disorder, they often get away with more than their siblings and don’t have nearly as many responsibilities. On the other hand, siblings could take advantage of their ADHD sibling and blame everything on them as it will most likely be excused. Jealousy and resentment is common with siblings.

How to Handle Issues with ADHD

Most experts will ask you to find a balance between consistency and compassion. You must put yourself in your child’s shoes and understand how difficult it is for them to sleep, concentrate, focus or even listen at times. This will help you find compassion for your child and their struggles. However you must also be consistent with your behaviors and the disciplines you find that work west.

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