Benefits of Doula Health Services

Benefits of Doula Health Services

A doula is someone who assists pregnant women while they are pregnant, with their birth, and shortly after their baby is born. Doulas provide many different services which can benefit the mother, ranging from helping them have a safe and health birth, to postpartum care. While many think doulas are only for moms who plan to have natural home births, this isn’t the case. Any pregnant woman can get a doula, even those who plan to have a hospital birth.

Benefits of a Birth Doula

The first type of doula you can get is a birth doula, which as you can imagine, assists you throughout pregnancy and birth. The benefits of getting a birth doula include improving your overall pregnancy and birth experience, having someone who understands the physical as well as emotional needs during labor and delivery, being well cared for by someone trained and experienced in childbirth, having someone by your side throughout the entire birth, receiving the highest amount of comfort possible, and having the freedom to choose how you want your birth to go and letting your needs be heard as long as they are still safe for the delivery of your baby.

Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

You can also get a postpartum doula who will be there after you give birth for as long as you need. This type of doula is going to help you with things like caring for your baby, learning proper breastfeeding techniques, offering companionship shortly after your baby is due, helping with the physical and emotional struggles of postpartum depression, helping with family adjustment, household duties, and meal preparation following the birth of your baby, and coping skills for new parents.

Additional Doula Health Service Benefits

Overall, you will find benefits in reducing time spent in the hospital and the use of forceps during your hospital delivery, the ability to give birth at home along with a midwife, reduce the chances your baby spends time in the NICU, increase your positivity in your new role as a mother, and reduce postpartum issues, especially with postpartum depression. Finally, if you will be alone during the pregnancy or birth, you have a solid support system not only for your birth, but after the baby is born as well. Doulas can be the person who helps you get through your pregnancy and offers support aside from your friends or family. They are educated and trained in procedures to assist you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. If you want someone to be by your side who has extensive experience with pregnancy and birth, a doula is a great alternative option to medical nurses or doctors.

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