Keeping Children Healthy During the Winter

Keeping Children Healthy During the Winter

Parents need not only to worry about keeping themselves well during the winter, they also need to worry about keeping their kids well also. This is especially true if you have kids that are at an age where they are attending school and going to various activities. A child who stays at home more often is less likely to get sick than one who is always at school, many have argued. However, the key to prevention is really found in how we teach our children to be healthy over a period of time. Encouraging proper hygiene is a major point in keeping kids healthy during the winter. They’re running around with their friends and sharing items throughout their time at school and play dates, meaning that they’re also sharing germs. One child may not wipe their nose or wash their hands and then touch your child, which leads to some type of infection. Other times children may forget to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze into a tissue. If you teach your children what to do in these circumstances or how to be more hygienic, they’ll be less prone towards getting sick. Always pay attention to what your child is wearing during the winter months. Some kids have the tendency to try to spend time with their friends or run outside without wearing the proper clothing. Jackets and scarves should be mandatory – scarves are particularly helpful for those who are more likely to have respiratory infections or sinus infections. You can get them into the habit of wearing their winter clothing by ensuring that you are always wearing yours when you go outside; often times, kids emulate their parents and learn their habits in the same manner. Keep your kids on a consistent and balanced diet. They should have fruits, vegetables, vitamins, not too many sweets, and the typical healthy diet that you provide them with during the warmer months. Spoiling them with sweets and holiday snacks is okay sometimes, but you have to keep in mind that they have weaker immune systems and need support for their bodies , similar to the way that we do. Giving them supplements or drinks that are full of vitamin C or zinc is a good way to build up their immune system before you send them out to spend time with friends or to study at school.

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