Althernative Birth Options

Alternative Birth Options

Having a baby is a beautiful, wonderful experience. Not every woman wants to experience it the same way. As long as there is nothing wrong with your or the baby, you should be able to have the birth the way you want it. Many traditional doctors and hospitals are now providing different options for bringing your child into this world. One of the first options you need to discuss is where to have the baby. While the little rascal may decide to come fast and not give you a chance to get to a hospital or birthing center, in most cases, you can choose the place. If you want to have the baby at home, there is an option to do that in some states. You will need to check with your midwife to find out if a home birth is possible. Having the baby in a hospital may be necessary if your midwife or doctor is worried a C-section might be required; most birthing centers are not prepared for surgery and a midwife cannot perform one. Other than that, using a birthing center might be just what you are looking for. There is not all the hustle and bustle found in a hospital. In most cases you will be the only one delivering at the time. If you want a water birth, you can have one at home or in a center. This type of birth is quiet, relaxing and very special. The baby is allowed to open up and aware of its new surroundings at his or her own pace. There are no bright lights, harsh blankets or cold air. You will sit or lie in the tub and relax. The water will help you to feel more comfortable than a hard table too. Some birthing centers offer acupressure, acupuncture or hypnosis to help you with the pain and stress of delivery. These alternatives are much gentler to you and the baby. There is no chance of any drug crossing the placenta and getting into the baby’s blood and you will not have to worry about any problems that come from having an epidural. You will be awake, alert and able to fully participate in the birth of your child. In addition to having a midwife for the delivery, you can have a doula present. While the baby’s father might want to be there, often they get scared or confused or have no idea what to do, even after attending all the childbirth classes. Even if Dad is helpful and knows what to do, having a doula there to help you is an added bonus. While the doctor or midwife is concerned with the actual delivery of the baby, the doula is there only for you and your comfort and emotional well-being.

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