Maternity and Alternative Health

Maternity and Alternative Health

Pregnancy and childbirth is a natural part of life. It is not an illness or disease. If you are in good health, take care of yourself and there is nothing wrong with the baby, there is no reason you cannot take advantage of alternative health options. The important thing is to have a practitioner that knows when there is a problem that will require conventional medical intervention and will advise you to seek it. For thousands of years women got pregnant and had their babies without any help from a medical doctor; the human race would have become extinct long ago if this were not the case. Modern medicine has done a lot of changing over the last hundred years or so when it comes to childbirth. You have many choices and should do what you feel most comfortable with as long as it is safe for the both of you. During the pregnancy you will need to undergo the common tests done to make sure everything is alright. You will still need to have the glucose tolerance testing done and see your practitioner regularly. If a problem does arise, you may need to see a conventional OB/GYN but have your midwife or doula there for the birthing with the doctor on standby in case something goes wrong. Your practitioner will advise you if there needs to be a change in your birthing plan. You need to trust her. Using a midwife used to be the only way babies were born unless there was some medical emergency surrounding the birth. It is becoming more and more popular again. You can choose to have your baby at home, in your own surroundings, with your family in the house. Things will be allowed to progress naturally. You will not have to have any type of medication for inducing the labor. This also means that you will not have the option of having an epidural for the pain. There are medications you can be given, and you will be taught ways to relax and ease the pain. You may decide to have your baby born in a warm bath. The room will be quiet with only natural lighting. The baby will come out and feel the warm water; it will be similar to being in the womb. He or she will be allowed to gradually become accustomed to being out in the world. It is a much easier birth on the child and more relaxing on you too. Instead of having your legs in stirrups while you lie on a cold, hard table, you will be casually floating in a warm bath. The warmth and movement of the water will help ease the pain of your contractions. No matter what you decide for your birthing plan, as long as there are no complications, any medical practitioner of any type should listen to what you want and help you achieve it.

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