Dangers of Refusing Childhood Vaccinations

There has been debate over the years about the dangers of having your child immunized against the common childhood diseases. The debate has gained ground recently with many saying since there are virtually no cases of some of the diseases in the U.S, the shots are no longer necessary.

The Diseases are not Gone or Vanishing

Stop and consider that most of these awful diseases are caused by a virus and the immunizations are given to allow your body a chance to make the antibodies needed to fight the virus. The viruses are not gone. They are still out there waiting to latch on to the first person who comes by that does not have the antibodies. Actually, they latch on to everyone that walks by, they just get destroyed by that person’s immune system. Do not be coddled into believing these viruses have left the planet. They are just waiting in hopes humans will let down their guard and stop taking the vaccinations. Though certain diseases have slowed or disappeared virtually from sight, such as polio, they are not gone completely. They may be eradicated in areas such as the United States, but a trip outside of country can change that. In fact, an unvaccinated child may not be allowed to travel to certain areas because of the lack of immunization.

The Viruses are Stronger

As time goes on, and the viruses tries to infect people who have immunity against them, they change. It may only be a small change to their genetic make-up, but it may be enough to overcome the antibodies. Now, as an adult who had all your vaccinations, you have developed a lot of the antibodies so you are still able to fight off getting the disease, but you could be carrying a virus that is mutating. As it mutates within your body, you develop new antibodies. You might feel a bit sick but just like a vaccine giving you a small dose of it, as it changes slowly, you gain immunity to the new, stronger strain. Unfortunately, if you do not have your child immunized, he or she can come down with a full-blown case that will do its damage long before any vaccine could work to stop it.

Stopping it from Spreading

It only takes one case to start a whole epidemic. If every child is not properly immunized, it can spread. If one person contracts a case of the new strain, others, who may have been immunized against a lesser strain but have not had to fight off anything new yet, are also susceptible to it. What was once considered gone from the country could come back and start wiping people out at an alarming rate. While it might seem silly to go through with all the childhood immunizations anymore and you may be concerned about any side effects, foregoing them can prove to be much worse. The vaccinations have been around for a long time. Yes, there might be some people who have bad reactions to them, but this number is miniscule when compared to what could happen if the immunization process was stopped. The risks of not being immunized far outweigh the risks of getting the shots.

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