Deadly Consequences of Delayed Vaccinations

It is also believed that there are two extremes to the vaccination debate. One extreme are the parents who vaccinate according to the normal schedule and do not skip any vaccinations all. The other extreme are the parents who do not vaccinate their children at all regardless of the scheduling provided. In the middle however, are those individuals who have chosen a delayed vaccination schedule. This delayed vaccination schedule is more acceptable to physicians than not vaccinating all. However, there are still deadly consequences of delayed vaccinations that should be taken into consideration by parents who are considering a delayed or staggered vaccination schedule.

New Strains of Illnesses

In 2012 a new strain of flu started appearing in various communities across the United States. This new strain of flu was deadly for many young children who had not received the flu shot. Though the flu shot did help combat the flu symptoms, it did not eradicate the flu completely. It is believed that this new flu strain came from the flu virus creating a build up or immunity to the medications currently being offered to combat it. The medical community believes that children would not receive the flu shot would have lived through the new flu strain had the flu shot been in effect. Even though the flu shot did not eradicate the new flu strain it did help with certain issues pertaining to the flu strain that ended up causing death in many children. For this reason, it is believed the delayed vaccinations of the flu shot and other vaccination options could lead to more deaths is new strains occur.

Increased Exposure to Illnesses

For children who have not received vaccinations, whether they are on a no vaccination schedule, regulated vaccination schedule, the lack of vaccination in the system could lead to increased exposure to illnesses. For example, if a child was supposed to receive their measles mumps and rubella shot at the age of six months and did not receive it due to a delayed vaccination schedule, they would be exposed to measles mumps and rubella illness until they receive the vaccination. On delayed schedules this could be up to three years. This means that these deadly viruses that can cause massive adverse side effects and even death would be exposed to the children and the children would have no course of reaction other than their own immune systems which may or may not be able to handle the illness.

Weakened Immune Systems

The sole purpose of vaccinations is believed to simply be a method to help children who are exposed to various illnesses and viruses. However, another aspect of vaccinations is to help a child build up their immune system to these illnesses and other illnesses. For children who are on a delayed vaccination schedule or no vaccination schedule, they may be harboring a weakened immune system that would not be able to take effect properly and eradicate any kind of illness that is introduced into their body. In fact, many children who are on a delayed vaccination schedule may develop long-term side effects from not having the vaccination they are to prevent the illness and taking hold in the body.

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